Lock rack now available in the UK

Lockrack is a universal roof rack system for long boards, surf boards, SUPs and more. It’s super simple, protective, secure and is now available in the UK.

  • Ergonomic protective arms
  • Anodized aluminum base for anti rust and lightness
  • Secure locking system
  • Interchangeable arms to suit multiple board carrying options
  • Rail inserts to protect narrow rails – onsSurf rack as standard

The Lock rack system is made up of two universal bases that fit most roof rack bars and four aluminum arms with a protective sleeves that grip and hold your board in place. The outer arms also have a patented locking system to keep your boards secure. Lockrack systems have different arms shapes and base lengths to suit your Surf, SUP and Race boards, Kayaks and Ocean Ski. Lockrack is designed to facilitate single person handling, even in extreme windy conditions and is built to last.

More information at: www.lockracksystems.co.uk

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