Bona fide – Loco Motion 14’ x 29” iSUP

Loco Motion 14’ x 29” iSUP review

Review & pics: Tez Plavenieks

With Loco now fully into the inflatable stand up paddle board game their range if air boards comes concise and extensive, with choices of equipment to suit all tastes. Being one of the original UK hard SUP brands head honcho Joe has put the same level of detail into the Loco inflatable range as you’ll find with the solids.

All the way through Loco’s existence, the eye for detail and design has been consistent and pleasing. The 14’ x 29” Motion, tested here, being no different. Small things, such as the carbon rail wrap and tail release rubber edge may seem ‘throwaway’ but all help make the Motion a premium product with high performance values.

On the water it’s a super stable board. There’s quite a flat rocker running through the 14’ which combined with the board’s pointy nose allows it to track, glide and pierce water efficiently. For the layman this translates directly to speed, which when combined with decent rigidity equate to mac fun. And after all, that’s what should be the case (but isn’t always with cheap iSUPs).

I’ve said it before but for most paddlers a pointy nose SUP will suit nearly all types of scenario. You want a board (inflatable or otherwise) to be engaging and interesting. Longer boards will always deliver higher in this promise, Loco’s Motion 14’ being I different.

Whether you want to cover distance, paddle fast or even catch small bumps this board accommodate. Of course, if you want ultimate manoeuvrability or speed then you’ll be looking at a more specialist Loco sled. But I guarantee you’d still find a place in your toy box for an iSUP like this. Options, after all, are all good.

Top drawer attention to detail, great on water performance and versatility guaranteed Loco’s 14’ X 29” Motion Air’s worth a look for a wide range of paddler with varied wants/needs. Coming supplied with a proper, fibre glass dolphin fin style cherry on the cake.

Price: £799


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