Max power! – Nah Skwell Maxi-G 7.6ft custom pro review

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We reviewed Nah Skwell’s smaller Maxi-G 7.3ft nearly two years ago – the brand was one of the first to introduce this style of cut off nose/wide tail/short SUP. Back then we noted how stable it was for such a sub 8ft sled. The 7.6ft big brother offers even more stability and is a good choice for anyone (with fundamental paddle skills nailed) getting into short board paddle surfing that doesn’t possess the finesse to utilise narrow wave riding machines.

Supplied in custom pro construction, the Maxi-G 7.6ft is one of the lightest boards we had for this test and is available in even lighter and stiffer pro carbon as well! It’s a joy to carry and transport – it even fits neatly inside most cars. Although tough, you’ll need to be careful as it will pick up dings if you’re careless in your handling – denting your pride and joy would be heart breaking.


Unusually, the Maxi-G is supplied as a twin keel fin ripper. There aren’t many other brands we can think of that have gone down this route – the quality of FCS fins is noteworthy as well. The only downside to having triple FCS plugs is not being able to swap out skegs easily, should you choose to tune your ride. Three pronged fins are harder to find, but Nah Skwell have supplied these to deliver the performance they had in mind.

Nah Skwell Maxi-G 7.6ft SUP Mag UK review

Jumping aboard the Nah Skwell, that familiar secondary stability kicks in – a trait that permeates throughout the brand’s whole range. You can paddle the Maxi-G at a slightly offset angle and still not end up wet – this is great when sweeping for the peak. Reducing drag by railing (slightly) the board and increasing straight line efficiency is most welcome.

Glide is OK for such a short SUP – don’t get us wrong, you’re never going to cut through water as you would on a bigger board. But tracking is true and few corrective strokes are needed to keep you on course.

Once out back you can happily hang at the bus stop waiting for your wave and the ample width (running nose to tail) means footwork isn’t such an issue – you can actually walk all over the Maxi-G 7.6ft without fear of upsetting its composure. Short SUPs do tend to rock front to back, however, but riders will get used to that sensation quickly.

The 7.6ft catches waves super early for the type of board it is – even gutless rollers are for the taking. Dropping down the face it builds momentum and, while not blisteringly quick, it hits top speed quickly and sits there allowing riders to concentrate on what move they fancy stomping.

Carving from the tail is easy to achieve and it only takes a small amount of rail pressure to get it steaming in the direction chosen. Unlike narrower surf machines, you can’t bank the Maxi-G over to extreme angles – but that really isn’t the point. Without much effort it’s a board that’ll slingshot riders towards the lip and allow that feeling of being a surf rockstar with minimal fuss. Bashing lips and rebounding off white water is effortless and the wide, but highly rockered, nose allows moves to be finished off in style.


Nah Skwell’s Maxi G 7.6ft is a real world wave rider in the truest sense of the phrase. It’ll flatter any paddler’s riding in small to medium sized waves (as long as fundamentals are nailed down) and will make the most of fat sections and frothy lips. If you want to look like a ripping pro, but don’t yet have the skills and/or access to world class wave conditions, the 7.6ft is the tool for you. Able to be ridden at super short lengths, stability isn’t compromised, and the twin FCS keel fins allow for a real skatey feel. The Maxi-G 7.6ft would ideally be partnered with a step up board for when waves get a little bigger and hollower as the board does lose a little grip when conditions ramp up – have a look a Nah Skwell’s Surf Series for choices in this field. That said, it was still used in head high waves and that added speed allows for some full power tail slides that will have you grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Price: £949 CPF (custom pro finish) or £1199 CPFC (custom pro full carbon)

Info: or   FB –  Email – and or call Jon on 02380 840777.

Additional findings update (Oct, 2017) – 

Another stand up paddle board we’ve had the pleasure of spending considerable time with Nah Skwell’s Maxi-G 7.6ft remains all of the above and more. The most notable thing is just how vert you can send the MG – considering it’s a parallel rail design and all. Many stubby nosed SUP surfers are more skatey in how they turn and prefer flatter/slidier riding styles. The Maxi-G certainly can accommodate this type of surfing but it also loves a proper lip punt.

Grip is also commendable when waves become hollow. We’ll readily admit that bigger surf isn’t this sled’s forte but it’ll be comforting to know that as swell shape improves and becomes more critical the Maxi-G can cope.

Finally, due to its wide tail, paddle surfers with a practive approach, and willingness to move their feet from rail to rail – especially the back one – will yield best results here. Being so wide in the back end requires this approach. Surfing as if glued to the board’s deck will do you no favours. For anyone looking to get radical in real world surf the Maxi-G 7.6ft delivers.



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