Glide style – Mistral 4/3mm wetsuit

Review: Tez Plavenieks

I’ve tested/demoed a lot of wetsuits over the years – some truly great, others not so much. I’m fact, some if the heftier priced suits I’ve us d haven’t been up to scratch in the least, often seeing seams and glue failing quickly with the actual neoprene following close behind. 

Being in the water often means the suits I wear see considerable use. Plus, as I’m trying to be as efficient as possible I need wetties to be easy/quick to don, perform whilst afloat, be quick and easy to take off and dry fast, ready for the next session.

First thing of note with Mistral’s 4/3mm is how soft and smooth the runner is. It glides on whilst getting changed and once fitted feels like an old faithful. The ergonomic, tailored fit of the suit is exemplary. It’s also quite flattering, which a good many wetsuits aren’t.

Being a SUP (and windsurf) brand Mistral understand the need for wetsuit flexibility, yet without the suit bagging out during movements. In particular, upper body action (when paddling) is key. The 4mm doesn’t lose its shape or integrity and remains protective thought each session – yet still tailored.

One thing I wasn’t sure about was how warm Mistral’s 4mm wetsuit would be. It’s no secret the early UK SUP season has been chilly. Normally I’ve be wearing at least 5mm wetsuits to stave off the cools.

Yet due to its ergonomic fit the 4/3mm is efficient and keeps me warm through most sessions. Only on the very coldest of days would I need something thicker. For most types of SUPing – even sub-10C – it does the job of protecting well. Plus, it had shoulder season cross over appeal and would do a lot of riders further into high season.

Mistral’s 4/3mm wetsuit has had a lot of thought and time put into it. The fit is perfect with soft, flexible neoprene offering superior comfort, but without losing integrity. Chilly weather’s no match the wetty keeping all types of paddler warm and snug. And it works across a variety of watery applications, not just for SUP. If you’re in the market for a high end, well made (thicker) wetsuit you’d do a lot worse than plump for this.

Price: 199 Euros

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