Mount up! K4 harness mount review


There’s no two ways about this; wearing a windsurfing harness, with a protruding carbon tube sticking out, while stand up paddling looks pretty mental. Funny looks abound as you don this unusual looking contraption.

And yet, on inspecting the results at the end of your session, you’ll be surprised. The full wide shot angle that captures all the action – your board, you the paddler and the riding as it unfolds – makes the K4 harness mount one of the best ways of documenting first person SUP sessions. A number of other quality GoPro mounting systems are available – check out the Flymount review in April’s issue – but none document the ‘in the moment’ action quite like the K4.

There are a couple of niggly points to address though. It’s in the name, but K4’s harness mount was originally designed with windsurfing in mind, hence why you’ll need a windsurfing harness to make it work. Understandably not all paddlers will have this piece of kit so will need to get hold of one if intending to use the K4 mount. But fear not as second hand harnesses are available for quite cheap from the usual outlets.

Having a pole jutting out behind you, that DOES waggle about as you stroke, twist and pull, is slightly off-putting at first. It’s slightly disconcerting having your GoPro wafting about above your head and thoughts of durability enter your mind. And yet, having tried this in a variety of scenarios (both windsurfing and SUP, waves and flat water) the mount stays (surprisingly) solid – as long as you’ve followed the instructions and secured it correctly.

You do have to switch your GoPro on before you hit the water. This results in a lot of footage or shots of faffing about that you’ll have to wade through later. Niggles aside though, K4’s harness mount is a decent bit of gear that captures a unique image angle.

A slightly batty design, but no less effective, K4’s GoPro harness mount captures some superb angles and is surprisingly applicable to stand up paddling – if you can get over wearing a windsurfing harness and having a carbon pole extending from your back. Comes in standard length, 65, or extended to give an even better view at 85.

Price: starting at £65

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  1. I want a standard length mount. I want to turn on my GOpro.
    How can I purchase it?

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