New Ainsworth carbon one-piece paddle

After designing and making paddles for nearly 50 years, Ainsworth Paddles know a thing or two.

Check out these features on the AINSWORTH Carbon pro range – SUP paddle…

  1. Dihedral power blade – 80 inch square with 10 degree blade angle.
  2. Made from the highest aerospace spec carbonepoxy pre preg materials incorporating both biaxial and conventional woven carbon fibres.
  3. Foam core in the centre of the blade gives buoyancy with edge wear second to none.
  4. Ainsworth’s experience in producing high spec WW paddles is transferred on to the SUP paddle production. Probably the strongest SUP paddles around.
  5. Shaft technology, only at AINSWORTH, uses Biaxial carbon with a ground surface for extra grip – no need for surf wax. The carbon fibres are set at 45 degrees drawing the best conditions for both hoop and lateral strength. Conventional carbon fibre woven fabric is set at 0 – 90 degreees, which produces weak points at the juncture and hence failure in shear.
  6. The biaxial carbon also increases the ‘spring’ in the shaft which adds to the blades power output and a superb feel not found in other SUP paddles.
  7. Ero ‘T’ Grip to compliment a powerful blade and super responsive shaft makes the whole paddle a joy to behold.
  8. At £199.99 – one of the best value for money on the market.
  9. Also available as two and three part split paddles.
  10. Made in the UK and readily available direct from AINSWORTH or through any good watersport shop.
0208 898 4839
ainsworth sup paddle

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