NRS Women’s HydroSkin 0.5 pant and long sleeve shirt

It’s wonderful not to overthink the technical gear you are wearing – you can concentrate on what you are doing and have a fantastic session on the water.

By Sarah Thornely (Supjunkie)

The pants

Think of your favourite leggings and add a hefty dose of innovative properties, comfort for miles and a very stylish textured weave. For colour, you have ‘Dark Shadow’ akin to air force blue, and it’s nice to have something different to black that is smart and flattering.

Being tall, I once again appreciate the length of these pants – they have a yoga-style waistband with extra fabric on the back for maximum coverage whether you sit, stand or are constantly bending and stretching when exercising or moving around your equipment on or near the water. They fit like a glove and are made from Terraprene (TM) neoprene which NRS has recently updated to include improved stretch.

The premium nylon-spandex exterior sheds water, and the hydrophobic interior provides next-level softness whilst locking in warmth.

The HydroSkin Women’s range has clearly been designed with us (women) in mind, from the styling to the cut and comfort – it’s good, and I mean really good technical wear, without being fussy or unforgiving.

I wore this in chilly March, battling the flow and wind on my local river, and the product certainly lived up to expectations. The pants gave me the right amount of warmth that day but bear in mind you could easily slip them under another layer. I can imagine wearing these for many, many months of the year.

The long sleeve shirt

NRS has recently updated its HydroSkin range to include improved stretch, warmth-to-weight ratio, and new water-shedding materials. All are made with their Terraprene (TM) neoprene, made from limestone and recycled rubber tyres, using low-emission water-based adhesives. It may not sound very sexy, but it’s excellent news for our environment, and NRS is “deepening our commitment to the planet.”

This long sleeve top is not only beautifully made but so, so comfortable. Buttery soft to the touch and hugs you nicely without being restrictive. I am a huge fan of the strong and vibrant colourway (not all ladies appreciate pink!), so thank you for that NRS.

I also appreciated the fit; I am tall, and the sleeves and body length were perfect. No tugging at them to keep them in place, and because it’s so form-fitting, it restricts water entry meaning you stay warmer for longer. The 0.5mm Terraprene (TM) neoprene with heat-reflecting titanium locks in your body’s warmth. The water-shedding fabric is perfect for my stand-up paddleboarding and outrigger canoe sports.

Depending on the conditions, you could layer up this top or wear it under a cag. I road-tested this on a very blustery and cool day on the river, and it certainly did what it was supposed to. Isn’t it wonderful not to overthink the technical gear you are wearing – you can concentrate on what you are doing and have a fantastic session on the water?

What I also love about NRS (est. 1972) is that since 2013 has been 100% employee-owned. Very cool.

Price pants: £100 Price shirt: £100

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