Origin(al) air – Origin Paddleboards 10.6ft Sport inflatable SUP review

Origin Paddleboards logoHaving met both Neal and Neil of Origin Paddleboards, we fully admire their iSUP concept and way of thinking. Striving to produce the world’s best inflatable boards (their claim, not ours) while having as minimal an impact on the environment as possible, the founding partners are super passionate and keen to achieve their goals.

Manufactured in the UK (by Lindstrand Technologies) and featuring super high end materials, such as cork deck pads, gel coat second skin (an extra strong second layer), four layers of material and a testing process that pushes these boards until they literally pop – Origin are certainly trying to stand out from the crowd.

Inflating the 10.6ft is REALLY easy with the supplied K-Pump. The K-Pump is possibly one of the easiest iSUP pumps we’ve used. It takes a little longer to get the board to its recommended 15psi but it can be done one handed and without any overexertion whatsoever. Origin claim the 10.6ft can be inflated in excess of 100psi although we didn’t actually try this. Stiffness should never be an issue though.

Having blown the Origin up, it’s an enjoyable experience transporting the board to your put in. Super light sums up how it feels when carried. It’s a shame, in some ways, the supplied FCS fin adds extra weight – but then at least it’s a quality fin you’re getting!

Out afloat and paddling, the Origin is an elevated affair. It sits on the water rather than in it and really gives a magic carpet sensation. Glide is very good when paddling at moderate pace, the sturgeon nose doing a good job of helping momentum. It doesn’t really reward hammer down sweeping, instead preferring ‘normal’ paddling pace. This shouldn’t be surprising – after all this is what the designers had in mind when creating the 10.6ft – it’s very much a board to ease paddlers across the water with minimum effort, admiring the scenery in the process.

Origin Paddleboards 10.6ft review

As much as Origin’s 10.6ft isn’t a specific surf SUP, we couldn’t resist chucking it at a few small swells. Due to an extremely flat rocker, the 10.6ft picks up waves incredibly early. As soon as momentum is revved the board feels lively and playful. It’s worth concentrating on your footwork to avoid burying that rolled sturgeon nose if you’re heading for a few waves.

Paddlers will certainly be able to set a rail for down the line gliding but don’t expect full power top and bottom turns. Progressive carves, however, are possible. The Origin 10.6ft is more of a mellow session stick – a trait that recreational paddle surfers will appreciate.

Back on flat water and it’s an iSUP with a great deal of composure that just begs the rider to have fun, enjoy themselves and simply appreciate being outdoors.


If you’re looking for a flat water based inflatable stand up paddle board, with 100% green credentials firmly intact, then look no further. While Origin’s 10.6ft iSUP will cope with mellow swells, it’s certainly not a wave ripper – but that kind of isn’t the point. We love the brand ethos and doff our caps to the inclusion of the super K-Pump. The five year warranty is also very welcome. And if that isn’t enough, the supplied bag made from Scottish waxed canvas and cork deck pad is yet another tick for a brand wanting to stand out and be different.

Price: £899

Info: www.originpaddleboards.com/store/origin-106-sport-inflatable-paddle-board

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  1. You should consider doing a follow up story on how Origin scammed their Kickstarter backers. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/originpaddleboards/origin-paddleboards-the-worlds-best-inflatable-sup/description

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