O’Shea Siren 11’ x 31” x 240L review

You don’t need to be a woman to paddle the Siren 11’, lighter riders of all types can apply.

Words: Tez Plavenieks
Photos: O’Shea

O’Shea’s Siren inflatable paddle board range is aimed at female paddlers and lighter weight riders. We’ve already reviewed the 10’ HDx version a few issues back. This time, we shine the spotlight on the brand’s 11’ touring version, also in HDx construction.

HDx construction is the premium manufacturing type within O’Shea’s inflatable stand-up paddle board range. Using the highest quality Droptstitch material, which ensures performance and longevity, allows a lighter weight layup without sacrificing rigidity. Durability is tip top, whilst the anti-UV PVC outer skin ensures the board will stay looking its best. Finally, the aforementioned twin skin is pressure bonded, meaning less adhesive is used, but the board also has an improved surface finish which will remain wrinkle-free. 

At 4.75” thick, the 11’ SIren is a thinner iSUP. This lowers the rider’s centre of gravity, bringing it closer to the water. For smaller stature paddlers, that means less reach extension is needed during the paddle stroke. Less extension results in less fatigue and more efficiency, ensuring distance can be covered more effortlessly.

Also, being a paddle board of a lighter weight, the amount of effort needed to propel it through the water isn’t as great as with heavier SUPs. Again, this is a bonus for smaller riders and can result in longer sessions with reduced wear and tear on the body. 

Being a premium construction, you’d think there’d be more likelihood of iSUP signs of use showing. Yet during testing, where shingle beach is prevalent, there was minimal evidence after each session. 

Glide, tracking and stability are all bang on. And the lesser thickness sees the 11’ sit more planted in the water, so it’s less susceptible to breeze and chop. This also helps with stability as there won’t be as much buffeting from the elements. Even when under load. Using the forward sitting bungee, You can lash a few touring SUP essentials to the board’s deck.

You don’t need to be a woman to paddle the Siren 11’, lighter riders of all types can apply. The board’s geometry is aimed squarely at making distance paddling, ala touring SUP, more comfortable for those of a slighter stature. O’Shea’s HDx premium construction is a real winner, and we’re sure the Siren 11’ will find favour with many.

Price: 10’0 version: £699
11’0 version: £749
Info: https://oshea-shop.com/collections/oshea-hdx-sup-paddle-boards/products/oshea-siren-11-hdx-paddle-board

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