Pump job – O’Shea triple action HPS pump review

O’Shea logoO’Shea are no strangers to the iSUP market with many of the brand’s impressive sleds being featured in these very pages over the last few years. The North Wales based brand recently launched a spanking new inflation tool (pump) to aid your iSUP adventures and make easy work of blowing air.

The HPS pump is an impressive looking bit of kit. Triple (twice down and once up) action double chambers with a sturdy handle and rigid air pipe are welcome. The real nifty part, however, is the pump’s three way air control knob that allows paddlers to regulate the amount of pressure going into the board. This makes for a much less stressful (on joints/bodies) experience during the inflation process. With O’Shea HPS pump the act of ramming air into your board is now much more appealing, as opposed to the arduous task of previous.

O’Shea triple action HPS pump

We used the HPS pump for a variety of different inflatables and found it worked well with all – compatibility isn’t an issue – even though it’s been designed with in-house iSUPs in mind. One other thing we should mention, as it’s a slight frustration of ours with some iSUP pumps, is the handles are wide enough to accommodate large hand spans. There’s nothing worse than trying to inflate a stand up paddle board and have your palms pressing into the ends of the pump’s grip. It can make an already tedious process less comfortable.

O’Shea certainly deliver the goods on their new HPS triple action inflatable stand up paddle board pump. With double chambers you’re fit for forcing maximum volumes of air into your board. The comfortable pump handles make it a more bearable process whilst the three way air controller helps with actually getting the correct PSI inside you SUP. Hard wearing materials make it a top drawer product and it’s compatibility with other designs lends versatility. We like it a lot and can see you doing so as well.

Price: £79.95­­

info: http://www.osheasurf.com

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