Aquaplanet Launch Paddle to the Moon Challenge

One of the UK’s largest paddle board suppliers Aquaplanet has kicked 2023 off in style launching the first ever ‘paddle to the moon’ challenge! With a target of 384.4 million metres the team are certainly going to need some help when it comes to clocking the metres up, so why have the team launched the challenge? 

Why join the Aquaplanet challenge in 2023
Paddle boarding has a vast number of great health benefits including: 

Paddle boarding is a full body workout, and taking part in this challenge will certainly give you added incentive to go the extra mile when you are out on the waters! 

Sleep better
Exercising has been shown to greatly improve sleep, and when you have been out paddle boarding for a day a good night’s rest can usually be guaranteed. 

Goal setting 
Setting a goal and achieving it feels great, which is one of the reasons why this is such a great challenge for those looking to keep the momentum with their 2023 resolutions. 

Improve skill
There is no such thing as a perfect paddle boarder, and committing to the challenge to clock up your metres and miles paddle boarding is a great way to build proficiency and the confidence to get out to different waters. 

Aquaplanet Spokesperson Dan Chapman on the challenge: 
“I think paddle boarders are generally a pretty competitive bunch and the leaderboard element of the Paddle to the Moon challenge certainly encourages a lot of healthy competition! Our aim with this initiative is to get more people out there SUPing, and you don’t need to have an Aquaplanet board to join the challenge, we are keen to see as many people as possible out there, and there are plenty of great prizes to compete for along the way!” 

One of the prizes mentioned is the amazing Festival Bag exclusively printed and designed by bag wholesalers Paper Bag Co. It has everything you need for an eco-friendly festival experience, just in time for the summer! 

There are also going to be a load of cool prizes from Aquaplanet for the ‘top paddler’ of each month. 

For those looking to sign up to the challenge head over to the Aquaplanet website today:

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