Peter Kosinki’s Battle of the Bay, Dublin

Peter Kosinki gives us the low down from this weekend’s Battle of the Bay held in Dublin, Ireland

‘The 2015 Battle for the Bay has yet again provided the perfect platform to showcase all that Ireland has to offer in terms of SUP. Amazing weather, a vibrant watersports community and last but not least the “Irish Craic”. I have been involved in this beach culture festival for four years now and the event keeps growing both in terms of it as a watersports event and as a showcase for leading Irish innovation.

This year was special for a number of reasons.The first ever Liffey SUP race happened with 40 people racing up and down the river through the heart of the city. I was an ambassador for the SUP division while a crew of drone pilots from I FlyTechnology captured the whole event from the air (see vid below).

I used the 2015 Starboard Astro Racer for the Liffey SUP race. Starboard have been working hard to show that their inflatables are as fast and durable as all the other brands. I was surprised with the performance of the board compared to the Red Paddle Co. Elite, which many other competitors were using in the race. Both boards are fantastic but both use different technologies to stiffen the boards. Red’s is the now well known famous Rocker Stiffening System (RSS).

Anyway, check out the vid from the whole event.’

Battle for the Bay 2015 from Memento Photography on Vimeo.

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