Phil May talks Paddle Round the Pier 2016

You may have heard? 2016’s Paddle Round the Pier, held on Hove’s seafront between July 2-3, is seeing an injection of added SUP by way of The SUP Games. Fanatic rider Phil Plume and Loco ambassador Phil May have been involved in to hopefully help raise PRTP’s stand up representation. Phil May takes over the story:

Phil May Loco rider

Phil May contemplates above

’2016 is the 20th anniversary of Paddle Round the Pier and we want to put the event back on the SUP calendar. PRTP 2016 will be something different; an inclusive event with a strong element of competition combined with a healthy dose of FUN!

Paddle round the pier is a massive event in the calendar and following my attendance last year with Loco I felt that more needed to be made of the SUP element of PRTP.

Following deteriorating interest from the SUP community my partner in crime Phil Plume (Fanatic rider) and I got our heads together and volunteered our help to get the event organisers to rejuvenate things.

‘Paddle’ can experience a mixed bag of weather and sea conditions so we needed to organise a way of eliminating this as an issue. We went to Dave Samuels with a wild idea of using a pool for some land based SUP comps and he went for it.

We brainstormed some ideas and realised that to build interest back up in PRTP as a SUP event we needed games that can be played by the majority of paddlers without being reliant on the weather or open water sea state.

With that the SUP Games was born!

Phil Plume fanatic rider

Fanatic’s Phil Plume in action above

There will be still be a 6km technical race and a 3.5km beginners tech race but the pool events (SUP Polo, SUP Jousting and SUP ‘O’ War) and the team sprints and mega board challenge will all go towards a points total meaning that the fastest racer may not be the overall winner.

We have elements very kindly sponsored by Starboard, Fanatic and VE Paddles and Fatstick have given us a new board for the overall winner of the event.

The focus of SUP Games really is fun and we want people to get behind what we are trying to do. Like Paddle Round the Pier itself, share the event, tell your SUP friends and get involved!’

The SUP Games will comprise of a variety of SUP events, each sponsored by a leading SUP brand.

Paddle Round the Pier 2016

Mass paddle!

2016 sees the inclusion of a 20m X 15m pool in the heart of the Paddle village. This will serve as the arena for SUP Jousting, SUP-O-WAR, SUP Polo and SUP Yoga. It will also provide a back-up for the junior racing if the conditions on the sea are unsuitable, so no need to worry, everyone will be able to get involved despite conditions out at sea.

PRTP SUP Games events 

6km Technical race (sea) ​​​Sponsored by Fanatic

A Traditional technical race providing close exciting racing. This is one for the serious racers! Six laps of a 1km course with multiple buoy turns and plenty of opportunity for places to be swapped. This race will really test the technical skills of the more experienced competitors. 

14’ Male and Female and 12’6” Male and Female racers willcomplete at this distance

 3.5km Cruiser Technical race (sea) ​​Sponsored by Fanatic

A three lap version of the 6km technical race. The same course, the same bouy turns, but this time for first time racers or those who don’t own a dedicated race board.  Male and Female racers will compete on none displacement, surf shape boards under 12‘6 in length.  Come and give it a go. 

Juniors aged between 14-17 will also complete this course on max 12’6 boards, unless they feel up to taking on the 6km course that is. 

 Kids Technical race/sprints (sea) –-1km Sponsored by Red Paddle

The future stars of the sport getting involved in some serious racing. The kids will race either one lap of the technical course or complete sprints in the pool. The format will be adapt to sea conditions on the day. However one thing is for certain; these rippers are ultra competitive and will be going all out to get that win! The event will be sponsored by Red Paddle, who will also be providing their 10’6 Max race board fleet. There will be two age categories  Stingrays – Ages 8-10 and  Sharks – Ages 11-13 

 SUP Team Sprints and Mega board Challeng(sea) Sponsored by Fanatic

With teams put together using finishing times from the Technical races, each team will contain a real mix of abilities; with Men Women and Children working together to cross the line first. Teams of between 4 and 6 will individually sprint out to a buoy and back to the beach. Once all paddlers have completed their laps, the whole team will grab a mega SUP and sprint as a team for their final lap. Teams will be announced at the Paddle party on Saturday night giving you plenty of time to talk tactics over a cold beer.

 SUP polo (pool) Sponsored by Starboard

 The ultimate SUP team sport played out in our 15 x 20m pool,and so much fun it’s just unrealTeams of three will be drawn at random from all entrantsHusband against Wife, Brother against Brother, children out to thrash their parents.  Why wouldn’t you want to be involved in that!!!  Work together in your team and pull in that win.

 SUP Jousting (pool) Sponsored by Fatstick

 We’ve all seen the epic medieval joust contests in films and on TV, Well move over Arthur! now it’s our turn to battle on boards. Boards supplied by Fatstick and dedicated joust paddles supplied by VE Paddles. 

One on One! last man/woman standing wins!  

SUP-O-War (pool)Sponsored by Starboard

A simple format!  Two boards, two paddles and two competitors linked together by a rope. The rules are simple; start back to back in the middle of the pool and paddle like mad till you drag the opposition over to your end. First to hit the nose of their board on the side of the pool, or last man standing, is the winner.

The Games will comprise a mixture of individual and team events, with each event being awarded points. These points will be accumulated over the weekend, with the winners in each category being the paddlers with the most points.  Individual performance, team work and a healthy dose of luck will all be required to reach the podium. This is a truly inclusive event where anyone could walk away with the title of ‘PRTP SUP Games Champion 2016′!

At the end of the weekend the points from each event will be calculated and the Male, Female, and Junior SUP Games Champions will be crowned.  Special prizes will be awarded to the top three in each category; with the three champions being the only entrants to the exclusive winners draw, and the chance to win a brand new Fatstick Paddleboard.

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