Racer elite – Hypr Hawaii 14’ x 24.5” race SUP test.

SUPM tests Hypr Hawaii’s 2020 14′ Race SUP.

Pics: Nick Kingston

With now plenty of Hypr Hawaii boards having been tested among the pages if SUPM it was with much anticipation that we unbagged the brand’s 2020 14’ race SUP. Most of Hypr’s sleds tested to date have erred on the side of wave performance – even the all rounders to some degree. So to have some new flavour from the distinct Hawaiian brand was tantalising.

The irony is that during testing we had some mini sized swell to play on. While race SUPs aren’t necessarily surf toys there’s no denying pointy nose stand up paddle boards do turn an otherwise lackluster run of swell into something fun. It also tells you a lot about a board predominantly aimed at non-surfing environments.

Hypr’s 14’er is quality, too drawer construction. It’s light as well for a big ‘un. And just as with all other Hypr SUPs those distinct hull chines are all present and correct.

Paddling out the 14’ is very planted and directional. It’s 24.5” width will be no issue for even intermediate paddlers on flat water. Stability is pretty much a given and therefore comfort levels are high.

With peddle to the mettle the Hypr ramps up to full speed quick smart. As you reach terminal velocity the hull releases (something you can feel) and becomes super efficient. The only challenge paddlers will have is keeping up stroke cadence to take advantage.

If surf racing, or simply using to SUP in small waves is your thing then Hypr’s race machine will serve you well. Paddling well in advance of the wave picking you up the board’s speed will have you dropping in early. And as much as it’s a planted board on the flat stepping to the tail sees the Hypr nimble up.

For a 14’ sled it’s surprisingly loose off the tail. If you have the skills you can even throw in some turns. We mentioned surf racing above, which we’ll mention again: if you’re ever in a comp with proper waves then this could be a devastating weapon, partic when picking the runners up back to the beach.


For our money it’s great to see something different from Hypr Hawaii (even though shaping race SUPs is nothing new to them). The 14’ is nice to sweep on the flat and actually would make a decent touring board. For anyone with podium aspirations, however, the Hypr is certainly a worthy contender. Add waves to the mix and you suddenly have a potentially lethal coastal race weapon under your feet! Great looks and unique design traits only add to it’s desirability.





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