Recreationally versatile – Fanatic Ray Pure 11ft

Billed as Fanatic’s recreational tourer, the Ray has been gaining popularity in the UK over the past few seasons. Stable enough for smashing out distance across a wide variety of conditions, yet remaining lively enough to prick the interest of even the most demanding of paddlers, we were keen to get our grubbies on one.

Straight out of the box and Fanatic’s usual attention to detail and high quality are glaringly obvious. The slightly heavier duty construction (HRS) on the test model was welcome, as SUP Mag UK’s local is a shingle-lined stretch of coast – knocks and scrapes can be par for the course.

Fanatic Ray Pure 11ft Electric blue livery ensures you’ll stand out from the crowd with the Fanatic Ray, while the lightweight nature, even of the HRS model, ensures it’s a joy to carry to your chosen put in.

Jumping onboard, the Ray feels initially wobbly and intermediates will take a minute to find their balance. This is, however, not an unstable board as the Ray’s secondary stability kicks in, corking the rider back upright.

Cutting through chop with ease, the Ray is a great coastal stick for general paddling antics and top speed is admirable, making it applicable for first forays into racing – if this is your bag.

Sweeping out to our local wave spot, we were interested to see how the Ray coped with swell. The answer: surprisingly well! Time and time again we’re astounded by the performance of some of the current crop of all round touring SUPs in waves. They actually make good choices for those looking to paddle in varied conditions and the Ray is no different.

The board’s nose rocker ensures a smooth and early entry into waves, while setting a rail and sliding off down the line is easily accomplished. If you have the skills then you can even carve the Ray; obviously critical waves will require a suitably performance-orientated surf SUP, but for all round soft wave enjoyment you can’t go far wrong with the Fanatic Ray.

Fanatic’s Ray Pure 11ft is a lightweight and durable all round stand up paddling toy that fits a variety of requirements. From flat water distance to small wave performance, it’s a ‘do it all’ versatile machine that’s at home in all manner of paddling environments. If you’re looking for a one board that does it all then this 11ft weapon is a great choice. Check out the AllWave range for better wave riding performance or the Falcon line for increased speed.

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Price: £1099

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