Richard Heathcote and Stephane Lefevre join SUP Mag UK’s test team

SUP Mag UK is pleased to welcome along two new members of the team. As anyone who reads SUPM will know our in depth equipment and accessory reviews play an integral part of what we publish. Offering impartial analysis and opinion our kit write ups are designed to help paddlers understand what gear’s available, it’s intended use and how it performs. We also like chucking equipment at a broad spectrum of conditions to assess its versatility.

The plan has always been to establish a test team as, after all, three views are better than one. Plus, we’re acutely aware readers may have seen enough of our bald test/mag editor (surely not? – Ed) – fresh faces in the mix is therefore no bad thing.

Anne, Pete and Tez are looking forward to working with the boys and we’re confident SUPM readers will accept Steph and Rich with open arms.

Steph: ‘I’ve been skiing, snowboarding and windsurfing for longer than I can remember. I then discovered paddle boarding eight years ago and took it up to originally complement non-windy days. I tend to search out waves but do a fair bit of flat water stuff as well. My favorite spots for SUP surfing are Soustons Plage, Carcans, La Tranche sur Mer and La Torche in France. Saunton Sands in Devon is a top UK spot while Hayling and the Witterings are my home breaks – both can deliver better conditions than you’d think. I’m stoked to be part of SUPM’s test team and looking forward to getting stuck in.’


Rich: ‘I gained the surfing addiction whilst at uni in Wales. Shortboards, longboards, kneeboards and then after moving back to Hayling from Penzance in ’96, windsurfing and sea kayaking.  I started SUPing about six years ago, mainly surf and flat water, and have been racing for two years. Also over the last four I’ve been playing around with building my own boards which have all turned out well. Stand up paddle boarding is an exciting area for equipment design with new ideas springing up all over the place. I can’t wait to try new SUP gear and pass on the findings to SUP Mag UK readers.’

imageimagePic: Geargia Wharton


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