Ripping in the real world – Jimmy Lewis World Wide 8.1ft review

jimmy-lewisIn this brave new SUP world, where all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes permeate, it’s satisfying to ride a more conventional and familiar looking wave board – especially one that works. Jimmy Lewis knows a thing or two about shaping and the World Wide 8.1ft’s lines are indeed pleasing to the eye.

A well thought out, balanced and lipped carry handle combined with light weight construction (even with full EVA deck grip in place) makes for a pleasant transportation experience. And the option of switching between multiple fin configurations and being able to tune the World Wide to conditions are further ticks in the box.


On paper 110L x 29” dimensions doesn’t scream uber technical (for those with prior experience), and while it’s certainly plug ‘n play for a performance SUP there’s a snarling liveliness that isn’t immediately obvious from simply observing on the beach.

Jimmy Lewise World Wide 8.1ft hull review SUP Mag UK

Paddling out to the line up does require correct foot placement as the pulled in performance nose and fish esque swallow tail doesn’t allow margin for error. A slightly offset stance, almost bang central on the World Wide’s deck, will promote easy paddling.

The World Wide 8.1ft’s glide is superb, spearing through oncoming froth and flotsam without issue. With powerful paddle strokes the rider is transported out back super efficiently – then it’s simply a case of picking your wave.

Jimmy Lewis World Wide 8.1ft SUP Mag UK review

Dropping in is efficient – the World Wide picking up waves fairly early and with pro-activity hits full power speed without issue. Cranking off the bottom is super rewarding. With all that wound up momentum delivering paddlers back to the lip in lightning quick fashion. Such is the World Wide’s efficiency at carving it’s possible to ride aggressively even without employing the paddle – which says a lot. Stick a paddle stroke in, however, and satisfying gouges and lip smacks are the reward. If you like rail to rail power surfing then the 8.1ft World Wide could be the rip stick for you.


Jimmy Lewis’ World Wide 8.1ft is a top shelf performance surf sled that loves real world conditions – as per its name. With a degree of skill it’s possible to milk waves for all their worth. We found a thruster fin set up delivers drivey bottom turns and will slingshot riders back towards their chosen sweet spot. A quad configuration loosens up the WW and is great in smaller surf and small boned riders. Stick in the pocket and bash out arcing turns or race sections for the big hit off the close out – whatever your chosen style of wave sliding JL has crafted a super efficient performance paddle surfer for 90% of conditions paddle surfers will find in the UK.

Price: £1195



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