ROOSTER Thermaflex 1.5mm Longjohn for ladies

Having given this Longjohn a thorough workout, I was pleased with its performance, comfort, and, dare I say it, styling

By Sarah Thornely (Supjunkie)

We may have had some incredibly warm and sunny days over the last month, but the water is still chilly, so I looked forward to testing Rooster’s 1.5mm Longjohn for ladies whilst paddleboarding on my local river.

Rooster is a technical clothing brand, manufacturing and selling sustainable water sports products since 1999. Growing from a background in dinghy sailing, they have branched out to cover many different water sports, including SUP. 

Having unpacked the longjohn from the recycled/recyclable bag, I could immediately tell that this piece of kit is designed for women, with real shape and styling. There is no escaping it; most women have a different shape from men and want something to fit and look good. The product is sleeveless with a front zip down to the waist and a racer-shaped back for extra mobility. The contoured panel layout looks comfortable, and if you like a bit of colour, it’s there with a signature print on the lower back legs. The longjohn feels robust as you pull it on, which I guess is down to the panelling. 

The seat panel and wear-resistant knee and shin area are made from Rooster’s trademark Duratex, a high-quality high-wearing protective fabric. Rooster laminate the Duratex with a neoprene mid-layer and nylon inner fabric, and when used on the seat panel, it’s combined with a plush inner fabric for even more comfort. With this reinforced seat panel, the longjohn would also be perfect for paddling my outrigger canoe. 

Once I had squeezed myself into the longjohn, and after a good bend and stretch on land, I could feel a nice range of movement, comfort and snugness. The length of the body and leg perfectly fit me in the size I had ordered. If you are shorter, the legs can be cut down for a better fit as the lower leg seams are reinforced, and a nice touch is the silicone prints on the inside of the ankles to stop the legs from rising. 

After testing the longjohn whilst paddleboarding on the river, the suit felt non-restrictive and very comfortable. 

The mid to lightweight Thermaflex neoprene collection is designed for temperatures ranging from 12-20 Celcius, and having dropped into the cool river, I was certainly warm enough. This was the perfect weight longjohn to be wearing. All the Thermaflex products in the range have flatlock stitching for durability. 

Like many companies, Rooster is committed to ethical and sustainable business practices. In 2020, they started moving to more eco-friendly premium materials and linings, including limestone-based neoprene, water-based glue, dope-dyed yarn, and recycled polyester. Their packaging is also in the process of dramatic change. 

Having given this Longjohn a thorough workout, I was pleased with its performance, comfort, and, dare I say it, styling – I sized it up through their website, and it fits me perfectly. I think there is nothing wrong with wanting tech gear to look good and fit in all the right places, and this certainly worked for me. More importantly, of course, is the unrestrictive fit and flex and the high-quality material technology used, and the Rooster Longjohn for ladies certainly has all that. Please check out all the other products on their website, which has much more information on their technology and sustainability. 

From Rooster’s website: 
People that wear the kit know the kit best; we get in watersports enthusiasts (and their families) to show exactly how the kit works, people you’ll recognise from the boat park, SUP event, or in the surf.” 

Please note I was not wearing my usual pfd as I was on a photoshoot and safely within reach of the riverbank.

Price: £170.00

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