Saltdean, East Sussex…mini guide

Saltdean nestles in a quiet corner of East Sussex and has been on paddlers radars for a while. Regular contributor and all round paddling aficionado Tom Pattison gives us the low down what to expect if anyone fancies a sweep here.



Nice open bay with shingle beaches and great views of Brighton and beyond.


Typical coastal/sea conditions with tides and open water hazards to be aware of.

Gareth Saltdean

Getting there

Saltdean is located roughly 5 miles east of Brighton. Follow the A259 along the coast until you come over a hill and discover the bay.


Very easy to launch from any part of the beach although caution is advised in rougher weather as waves can dump quite heavily onto the beach.


Café and toilets on the cliff side with further amenities in Saltdean village. Lots of parking set back from the A259.


Not really a hazard but the beach can be very popular in summer so keep an eye out for swimmers.

Saltdean (2)

Summing up

Saltdean is a great beach to set up a little picnic/BBQ and then potter about in the bay or explore under towering white cliffs. Great water visibility in the summer months.


You can occasionally find some small waves to have a little play in. Generally works best 2 hours either side of low tide as at high tide the waves tend to start dumping onto the shingle beach.

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