Schweitzer clean sweep – Zane and Shelby win Master of the Ocean 2016

Starboard rider Zane Schweitzer has done it again and taken the overall podium at 2016’s Cabarete Masters of the Ocean event. Proving he’s not just a one trick pony Zane’s title was successfully defended as he consistently placed in the top three of all disciplines – SUP, surf, windsurf (including best performance) and kitesurfing.

Shelby Schweitzer also put on an epic display of water woman prowess to take home the bacon in the women’s category.

Zane Schweitzer SUP hack Master of the Ocean 2016

Zane Schweitzer SUP Master of the Ocean 2016

Master of the Ocean 2016 Results:



1.  Francisco Hernandez 30.75
2. Zane Schweitzer 25.5
3. Dauri Reynoso 23.0
4. Brandon Sanford 18.5


1.  Derek Gomes 33.25
2. Zane Schweitzer 23.5
3. Francisco Hernandez 22.0
4. Brandon Sanford 19.0


1.  Luciano Gonzales
2. Emmanuel Rondon
3. Zane Schweitzer
4. Dauri Reynoso


2.Carolina Comino

1.Shelby Schweitzer



1.  Zane Schweitzer 30.25
2. Francisco Hernandez 26.5
3. Dauri Reynoso 20.5
4. Shelby Schweitzer 16.75


1. Derek Gomes 40.0
2. Brandon Sanford 27.75
3. Brian Censi 25.5
4. David Jason 19.75

Overall team:

3. Team Millenium
2. Team Venezuela
1. Team Terminator

Best performance

Windsurf – Zane Schweitzer
Surf – Derek Gomes
Kite – Luciano Gonzales
SUP – Francisco Hernandez

Overall Master of the Ocean 2016

1.  Zane Schweitzer
2. Luciano Gonzales
3. Brandon Sanford
4. Emmanuel Rondon

Zane Schweitzer surfing Master of the Ocean 2016

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