Shaka time! – Kialoa Shaka Puu paddle review

It’s widely promoted in SUP that your paddle makes a world of difference to overall enjoyment, the experiences you have and how much performance (if this is what you’re after) you can wring out on the water. Having a tip top sled is one thing, but your ‘engine’ is what makes or breaks your session. Kialoa are one of the stalwart boutique paddle brands (in the UK), offering a range of sticks that are superior in quality, well priced but most importantly super efficient and performance orientated.

The brand’s Shaka Puu (Mel Puu signature series) is right up there with the best. Lightweight, stiff with an ergonomically tapered oval shaft, this is a serious tool that will benefit everyone from newcomer to full on podium finishing pro.

From catch to recovery Kialoa paddles are a joy to use, delivering full power speed – great for racing – or swift and flicky surf transitions but equally at home cruising around on flat water.

Dave Chun, Kialoa’s head shaper, has a wealth of paddle making experience behind him – something you can tell when you hold one of these weapons in your hand. Straddling dragon boat, outrigger and stand up paddle, he certainly knows a thing or two about shaping and designing paddles for those who demand the best.

In the last issue we reviewed the brand’s innovative quick release entry level spoon. While not as ’gadgety’, the Shaka Puu’s strength lies in its high end versatility, quality craftsmanship and efficiency through the brine.

We love the Shaka Puu as it offers the best crossover performance between disciplines. Flat water, waves or racing, it’s a bit of SUP gear that excels. This isn’t to say that other Kialoa blades perform any less – in fact quite the opposite. Personal preference will play the biggest role in which model you ultimately plump for.

Paddles are the single most distinguishing feature of SUP and investing in the best you can afford is worthy advice. Kialoa make beautiful high performance paddles across all spectrums of the market. The Shaka Puu is quality, stiff and an awesome piece of kit that fits a variety of SUP scenarios.

Price: £325

For more info on Kialoa contact Seasprite Sports 01903 778828. Dealer enquiries welcome.

Shaka Puu Classic Stand Up Paddle

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