Shoot yourself – Flymount action cam attachment review

It’s no secret that we’re HUGE fans of Flymount‘s action cam attachment – even though it was actually designed with windsurfing in mind. Without this nifty little product we couldn’t create all those lovely SUP equipment reviews you see every issue – especially the boards. Here’s the review from a previous edition of SUP Mag UK – another example of a SUP friendly product that paddlers should pack into their toy box. Selfie addicts take note!

Flymount GoPro attachment

Flymount have been kicking around a few years and are recognised as a choice GoPro windsurf mounting system – they’re also 100% British made. A nifty bit of kit, its unique locking system doesn’t just attach to masts though.

Capturing on water action has exploded in popularity of late. With a huge choice of cams the difficulty can also be in finding appropriate attachments for your sport. Flymount’s offering fits the SUP bill perfectly with the opportunity of fixing to your paddle shaft.

Flymount attachment for GoPro

When I first laid hands on the Flymount I was taken aback. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it certainly wasn’t such a robust, versatile and durable piece of kit. High quality plastic fittings coupled with marine grade stainless steel, and glass reinforced Nylon-66 gives it a quality look and feel.

It’s the little things that count and Flymount’s product is testament to endless hours of research and design. For example: having rubber cushions inserted inside the jaws serves to protect anything it’s attached to. If this was metal or plastic it would scuff and possibly cause damage. Having the option to swivel and lock the head in place, for minute tweaks in shooting angles, is also genius.

During my first session I was a little sceptical how it would feel while attached. After all, as SUPers, we’re constantly striving for the lightest kit. I’m not going to deny, the Flymount is chunky and weighty, but that’s the trade off with having a quality product.

Flymount GoPro action cam mount

Even with this extra bit of gear my paddle’s swing weight was still minimal and much less noticeable than initially feared. I chose to fix the Flymount near the blade as this would give me a wider angle of view. You can of course bring it closer to your paddle’s grip and minimise swing weight further.

Playing about with angles is key to achieving good footage and fantastic pics. It also takes a bit of getting used to as you’ll have to position the paddle away from the wave while riding. Should you choose to shoot from here, the perspective of having a liquid wall in your shot is lost.

Holding above your head offers a great perspective and you can capture some cool looking images. Attaching the Flymount to your paddle really does give a massive amount of versatility if you’re prepared to wield your sweeper and experiment. The best footage will also happen when you least expect.

Flymount GoPro SUP paddle attachment


Currently there’s no better product on the market that offers such durability, versatility and safety for your cam at such a competitive price. Achieving desired results while SUP surfing will take a bit of experimenting until you find the perfect position, however, the multiple choices of cam angles ensures you’ll get there. If you’re looking for a new dimension and fed up with the same old board attachment shots then give the Flymount a whirl, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Price: £64.99


*** Note – the version featured here has since been updated. Check the Flymount site for more info ***

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