Skin up – SUPskin Magic Allround drysuit review

When we first spotted SUPskin drysuits, we thought them a quirky new addition to the world of water wear apparel. SUPskin, however, have caused quite a stir here in our green and pleasant land (our Ed was accosted while wearing one at Bluechip’s recent Inflation Day event – such was the level of interest). With notable UK SUP personalities now donning the brightly coloured suits (Jay ‘JSUP’ Manning and Pete Holliday – to name a couple), we thought we should get hold of one to see what the fuss is about.

Having tested Ocean Rodeo’s Heat in the March issue of SUP Mag UK, we were expecting more of the same. However, when the Magic Allround turned up we were pleasantly surprised. The Magic looks unique in the flesh. Lightweight, completely waterproof, abrasion resistant, breathable fabric and individual styling make for a completely different kind of look.

The Magic slips on easily, with the horizontal YKK zipper a doddle to secure. Wrist, neck and ankle seals grip like a pit bull on a piece of steak and we were looking forward to getting afloat.

As with all drysuits/surface immersion suits, it’s best to wear something thermal, such as a lightweight fleece or base layer, on colder weather days. The Magic will keep wind and moisture at bay but without proper protection underneath you’ll still end up icy. On warmer days, boardies and Ts are fine.

We used the Magic in a variety of SUP environments and found it to be a versatile product. On the flat it keeps paddlers toasty warm, to the point of being extremely hot, whereas in surf environments it keeps you bone dry, even after rinsings. Just make sure to vent any trapped air before going afloat.

SUPskin’s Magic Allround is a brightly coloured, high performance drysuit that straddles many styles of stand up paddling. From flat water to racing, downwind and surf, the Magic keeps paddlers warm and dry. Layer up correctly underneath for chilly sessions and make sure you expel trapped air – otherwise you’ll be a floating buoy if you take a dunking. SUPskin drysuits can be customised to individual’s needs (due to being tailor made) – great if you’re a sponsored paddler, a SUP school looking for branding options or a style icon in the paddle world.

Price: 749 Euro (extra 200 Euro for tailor made suit)



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