SUP: SMIK SUP now in the UK

SMIK SUP, Scott McKercher’s new stand up paddle board brand is now available in the UK from Ktwo Distribution. Bike Birt, owner of Ktwo, got in touch with the below.

‘Many of you will recognise the name Scotty McKercher. Even if you don’t, you will certainly recognise the name of the brand with whom he designs; Starboard. He still designs a popular range of stand up paddle boards for Starboard, but recently branched out to develop his own line of stand up paddle boards. And this is all with the blessing of Starboard, which shows an impressive level of mutual respect.  
Scott McKercher SMIK SUP

With eight years of SUP riding under his belt, Scott can hold his own amongst the world’s best SUP surfers. He’s even managed to win a SUP State Round against the Jakovich brothers in WA (Australia). If you’re near good waves in Western Australia chances are you’ll probably spot Scott – just doing a bit of ‘testing’.

Scotty’s Smik brand is a partnership with a new state of the art facility using a unique production method that utilises a compression molding technique that has not been seen the industry so far. This brings huge heritage to a new technology that has the potential to really shake up the top of the sport. As such, Smik will be pushing the envelope of performance riding. It’s a new chapter for those who want to push their riding skill levels as far as they can go. 

SMIK in the UK

At Ktwo, we know potential when we see it, and we pride our self on working with brands who’s primary goal is the production of superior kit as opposed to mass market sales. As such, we are very excited to be working together, and hopefully working with you.

Please take a few minutes to read through the PDF (downloadable here), I’d be happy to send you the trade pricing structure, and we have provided a video link for you below too. There has been some media in the international press already, with a lot more to come. 

For those of you who have not worked with us before, Ktwo is an importer (no retail) with over 20 years experience in the water sports industry. Our warehouse is based in Darlington and we offer a complete B2B service through our web portal at Once setup up you’ll have access to 30 days credit, full shipping control and the ability to drop ship inside the UK. We are also highly active within the Kitesurf industry, with two of the world’s biggest brands (Airush and Shinn). Our pricing structure is also uniform, regardless of terms or quantity ordered, ensuring a level playing field between larger and smaller retailers.

Please drop us a line if you are interested, we can provide you with all the graphical material you may need for promotional use and set up an account for you. In the coming weeks we will also be out on the road, so if you would like to see the range in the flesh please let us know and we will schedule a visit.’

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