Softly does it – Hypr Nalu Hawaii soft top 10” x 33” SUP review

Hypr Nalu’s 10” soft top is the second board with foam materials reviewed; is it becoming a thing within SUP? The difference with Hypr’s offering is the hull remains standard with the brand’s patented deep grooves carved to enhance water flow. Looking bold and distinct with its deck covered livery test team member Rich took it for a spin.

‘This is beautiful soft top board with fantastic graphics making striking and very cool. You certainly wouldn’t miss it on the water, which in practical terms is a good thing – especially if the rider was needing to be located during an emergency.

SUPs with soft decks are a great idea, especially for those looking to learn. With no abrasive grip it’s a much more pleasant experience clambering back onboard having taken a dip. Although at 33” wide, and with such a flat deck, it’s super stable and actually hard to fall off!

Hypr’s soft top 10” paddles beautifully and you don’t really notice the width too much when stroking forwards. It’s also very comfortable underfoot, which you can imagine, with that squidgy EVA padding. Basically everything about this board is comfort, yet it’s not without performance.

For those wanting to take their first steps into some waves it picks up runners early, drops progressively and keeps momentum down the line allowing paddlers to concentrate on their footwork and overall technique. That deep double concave aids stability on the wave face allowing the board to stay composed and forgive mistakes made by newbie SUPers. That foam deck again comes into its own in surf, avoiding dings and scuffs that may otherwise be picked up.

Back in flat water mode and it’s good for a spot of touring. Due to it not be a true round nose SUP it’s actually pretty efficient at cutting through and will deliver paddlers to their chosen destination with minimal effort. If this was to be your first stand up paddle board then you will have made a good choice.’


With Hypr’s reputation for performance surf SUPs it was nice to jump on something aimed at the newly recruited SUPer. That said the brand’s soft top 10” is perfectly adaptable for seasoned sweepers to enjoy. With an efficient hull shape it’s a board that works equally well on flat water and in small waves – there’s more performance than you’d imagine. Bold graphics and unique looks make it a desirable stand up paddle board that most SUPers would be happy to own, especially at that price!

Price: £750


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