Sroka foil gear

A sweet set-up from French brand Sroka the Sky Rider 5’5, 5m wing and S Foil 1350 Lift would be a good choice for any competent rider

Words: Tez Plavenieks
Photos: James Dunstone

Sroka may not be a familiar brand to UK riders, but ex-pro kitesurfer Bruno Sroka’s France-based company is currently making waves and should be worth considering. With products that fit all flying types and a healthy selection of inflatable stand-up paddle boards, Sroka gear is performance, quality and poised to deliver fun to all comers. In this instance, I got a full foiling set up from the brand, which I’ve been playing with for several months.

The Sroka 5’5 Sky Rider glass sandwich board, 5m V3 wing and S Foil 1350 Lift HA all arrived looking high-end and ready for the job. Unlike many brands, the Sky Rider 5’5 board has a seam running along the rail and a tougher finish. The board is strong and with dimensions to suit riders already foiling competently. It’d be their big board for lighter weights, whilst a heavier foiler might have it as their go-to all-round foil sled. The 1350 S Foil Lift is a high-aspect foil that delivers loads of pumpability and glide. Compromised of a super rigid alloy mast and fuse, it’s a quality product fit for purpose.

Meanwhile, the Sroka 5, V3 wing is a high aspect, soft handle design that looks the business. 
With me at 90kg Sroka’s 5’5 Sky Rider is bang on volume-wise for being an all-round board. With just enough float to kneel start, it’s not too much hassle to get in riding position – even in lighter airs. Roll stability is good, and the sweet spot is simple to pinpoint. The 5m wing is light and agile, being easy to position and ready yourself for the gust. And as soon as your chosen gust hits, a few pumps of the 1350 foil gets you flying. The board’s release is efficient, which, when coupled with the 1350 foil and power of the wing, will fly effortlessly in 12-15 knots. 

The whole set-up is extremely fun. Nimble, agile and feathery to throw around, carve, wave ride or just cruise. Whatever foiling style this set-up accommodates, with a slight bias towards small waves. If you manage to sniff out some swell, the glides can be long, the wing sitting comfortably on the wind, balanced and poised, whilst the S Foil 1350 just keeps truckin’! And for a bit of extra versatility, the Sky Rider and 1350 foil are cracking in SUP foil mode for those with skills.

A sweet set-up from French brand Sroka the Sky Rider 5’5, 5m wing and S Foil 1350 Lift would be a good choice for any competent rider or someone looking to step up their gear. Cost-effective, robust and well-manufactured, the performance is also on point. Sroka’s products are very comparable to other more recognisable brands but with a boutique appeal. What’s not to like?

Price: Sky Rider 5’5 – 1099 Euros.
S Foil 1350 Lift – 1049 Euros.
Sroka WIng V3 – 730 Euros.

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