SUP: Adam D Short, Paddleboard the Nile – cops, cars and robbers update #2

We recently caught up with Paddleboard the Nile adventurer Adam D Short to get an update on his adventures. Trust us when we say it’s been ‘colourful’ so far!

Adam D Short is, in his own words, a new breed of extreme adventurer and endurance explorer. With several action filled challenges already under his belt, his current adventure hasn’t fallen far from the cart. Having set off from Coventry in the heart of England, Adam has already passed through six countries in Europe on his way overland to find the source of the Nile. Having only landed in Egypt (Africa) a mere few days ago, Adam has been apprehended by the Egyptian police as a suspected spy, hit by a car and more recently, robbed at gun point. In a few day’s time Adam hopes, without further drama, to be entering Sudan before continuing on to Kenya (via Ethiopia) where he has been asked to paddleboard the Mara River (also known as the Blood River”). A challenge that nobody to date has attempted.

After hearing about Adams record attempt to paddleboard the entire length of the Nile, the Kenyan tourist board, believing that paddle boarding the Mara River was impossible, asked Adam if he thought it was ‘doable’. Not wanting to be rude and passing through in any case Adam replied: ‘there’s only way of finding out’.

This however is not where he’ll find the furthest recorded source of the Nile, which is located near the Moon mountains in Rwanda. Using social media, Adam wishes to bring everyone with him, in real time, on his adventure. With candid posts reporting the good times as well as those that have tried his skills and patience Adam has amazed, shocked and bewildered his followers almost daily since he began his journey on September 5 this year.

The River NIle

Although so far Adam hasn’t set foot on any rivers, he has now taken a close look at what will be the final leg of the challenge, the Nile Delta near Cairo. Talking to SUP Mag UK, Adam said: ‘[he is] thoroughly looking forward to conquering what can arguably considered the longest and most dangerous rivers in the world’.

SUPM will continue to follow Adam’s progress as he makes his way to the start of his challenge and attempts at least one other world first along the way. Adam welcomes anyone wishing to immerse themselves in his adventure from the safety of social media pages and he can be found by searching Facebook or Twitter for ‘AdamDShort’.

Paddleboard the Nile is truly a unique and action filled challenge and all of us here at SUP Mag UK wish him the best of luck and will continue to publish and share updates.

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