SUP: BIC Cross ACE-TEC 11ft x 34” x 260L review

BIC SUPBIC are a brand doing things on their own terms. A unique way of constructing boards (foam sandwich with thermoformed outer skin – ACE-TEC) ensures the Cross 11ft x 34” has a distinct look and feel. Add to the design a mix of styles – under a pan flat top deck you’ll find a displacement keel style nose, which only increases the board’s originality. A comfy, four way split bright green deck pad runs tail to nose, while the single FCS box in the tail allows a touring fin to nestle comfortably.

BIC Cross hull profile

Inserting a hand into the efficiently located carry handle, the Cross even feels different when being carried. And hopping aboard continues this theme. Minor chop is absorbed as you paddle across the brine, delivering an unusual ride. In conjunction with the BIC’s water slicing nose, glide tracking is pin point accurate – possibly the best for glide in this size of board we’ve tried on flat water. If chop and flotsam increase, there’s a tendency for the Cross to slap and feel corky. A more forward paddling positioned stance will help alleviate this though.

Manoeuvrability is pretty good and it’s certainly an easy SUP to practice stand up fundamentals – including switching foot placements, pivot turns and focusing on paddling technique. The Cross’s composure, due to its very flat deck and ample width, are confidence inspiring and as such it’s a good tutor.

BIC Cross fin configuration

Back on flatter water and the Cross holds its own next to pointy nose touring sleds. Sweeping round harbours and inland waterways is rewarding and we could even see it being used a fishing platform for light to medium weight riders (BIC’s website says as much). There are ten solid attachment points, including the leash plug that will allow the storage of kit such as bait boxes.
And Yoga paddlers apply here. Although our experience of SUP Yoga isn’t extensive, we can see BIC’s Cross fitting this discipline well.


With its unique construction, hull design and pan flat deck, BIC’s Cross 11ft is a versatile board for anyone who SUPs in predominantly flat water locations. It can be used in small waves but the Cross’ forte is efficient glide, tracking and stability upon sheltered or windless waterways. Coastal SUPers will find the BIC’s composure confidence building if choppy seas do get make themselves known, however, and for anyone improving existing SUP skills it’s a great sled for consolidating paddle strokes and pivots. We doff our caps to BIC’s alternative construction methods and bold use of design traits pulled from other areas of stand up. Good value for money also.

Price: £799


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