SUP: Bryce Dyer announced as new Naish UK SUP race team manager

Pics: Georgia Wharton, Bryce Dyer

SUP racer, competitive cyclist and all round science geek, Christchurch-based paddler Bryce Dyer has been announced as the manager of a brand new Naish UK SUP racing team for the 2017 season.

Dyer, the runner up in the N1SCO one design national series in 2016 says: ‘The plan that Naish UK supremo Alex Tobutt and I hatched together was to invite a small team of passionate individuals – each one with their own unique SUP interests. Some will be into ocean or technical racing, some flat water and endurance or others into SUP surfing’.

Dyer felt the problem with many traditional teams is that they are too detached from the average paddler, lack strategy or just attract those looking for freebies. Dyer wanted to focus more on creating a team with a community feel. He added: ‘The idea is to have a group of hard board and N1SCO paddlers that will all together form part of a shared and open community – almost like a sports car owners club. The Naish N1SCO team has always supported a broad cross section of paddlers that have a real sense of comradery and the intention is to continue this and expand it to all SUP disciplines under the Naish umbrella. ‘I’m obviously pleased’, says Dyer. ‘Not many guys get this kind of opportunity to be associated with one of the biggest watersports brands on the planet so it should hopefully be pretty positive for everyone involved’.

Bryce Dyer N1SCO SUP

Dyer plans to focus his time next year racing in the 14ft hard board class in flat water distance races, doing SUP triathlons and being part of the N1SCO one design scene. All the team will be racing on the incredibly popular Naish One 12.6ft inflatable. Plus, the hard board wing of the team will be using Naish Javelin and Maliko carbon elite’s in their chosen disciplines.

The call for those interested in joining the 2017 N1SCO one-design SUP team will go out in January 2017 with the hard board wing of the team to be announced later that month. Stay tuned for more info…

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