SUP: Dynamic allocation – Starboard Wide Point 11.2ft x 32.” x 198L AST Electric review

Starboard logoWith high profile SUP athletes such Connor Baxter and Zane Schweitzer in the mix it’s often hard to see past Starboard’s elite credentials. While the Tiki brand do indeed manufacture high end stand up paddle boarding equipment, designed to smash it in races and rip in surf, they also have a keen eye on innovation. And versatile innovation at that – all the better for real world paddlers everywhere.

Starboard’s Wide Point 11.2ft is a case in point. Mostly shying away from mass appeal board trends many shapes in the range deliver far more cross over performance than you’d think. Starboard vest interests in individual territories – the 11.2ft was specifically made for the UK, as we understand it.


At first look the 11.2ft appears to have wave pedigree. The widest part is located upfront, a decent amount of nose rocker stands proud and the tail tapers down to a rounded pin. Underneath a fairly pronounced V runs through the hull, quality Light Core thruster fins protrude form the back and there’s option to add a further two side bites for increased upwind windSUP performance. An offset lipped handle finishes everything off and the whole package looks suitably Starboard high end. (Electric construction is WindSUP specific that features an epoxy layup with wood and glass reinforcements through the standing area plus extra glass reinforced rails. Strong and light it weighs in at 12.4KG).

Starboard Wide Point 11.2ft fin configuration

Out on the water the 11.2ft delivers a decent amount of primary stability with the added bonus of secondary kicking in should paddlers rail over too much. This is great for early intermediates still progressing. For such a wavey looking shape the WP’s flat water capabilities are impressive. Glide is efficient, tracking effective (even more so with the two extra fins added) and although it’s a bigger SUP you can feel a lively, playful personality just waiting to be unleashed.

As such bigger boned individuals will find the 11.2ft engaging enough to enjoy general, all round sweeping. Pivot turns will be challenging but not impossible and it’s no slouch in the speed department. Get it on a wave and it drops in progressively begging riders to step back and set a rail.

On slack swells it generates enough dynamism to be fun whereas in bigger surf the Wide Point turns far more aggressively than we initially imagined. If you’re a SUPer with legs like Arnie then you’ll no doubt be able to slash and carve as if on a much smaller sled. And then of course, if the wind picks up simply add a rig to the mix.


Starboard’s range is littered with hybrid style SUPs that offer huge crossover performance between SUP disciplines – the brand’s Wide Point 11.2ft displays this in startling style. Looking in some ways like a big wave gun it delivers all round flat water performance by the bucket load and holds its own against touring orientated boards. Switch things up in waves and larger sweepers will get the most out of the 11.2ft’s carving ability while smaller paddlers will love its bump gliding prowess. The 11.2ft would make for the perfect do it all family board or be a good one SUP heavier paddlers. And if you enjoy puffing along via sail power then, also, apply within.

Price: Electric £1249.00



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