SUP FM launches today!

New stand up paddle board podcast launched this weekend

If you are a fan of the hottest and fastest growing water sport in the world, then Friday May 1 (that’s today!) is a date to mark in your diary. It’s the official launch of the SUPfm podcast, an online radio series devoted to stand up paddle boarding (SUP) –

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There aren’t many people who will visit a beach anywhere around the world this summer and not see a SUP out there. Standing on a large ‘surf board’ and paddling with a single long paddle is an increasingly common sight on the water, with hire companies offering SUPs alongside their kayaks and surfboards. Unlike many water sports however, first timers can immediately get out there and experience all the benefits within minutes of starting their first session. Fans of the sport are hooked by the feeling of walking on water and seeing nature from a new perspective, as well as getting a full body workout without it ever feeling like a chore.

The SUPfm podcast was created to help and inspire paddle boarders from beginners to experienced paddlers and it covers topics and interviews with the personalities who are supporting its massive growth worldwide.

New podcast episodes are released weekly and span the range of SUP activities, from racing to SUP yoga, from adventure and whitewater to fitness and training, with episodes focused on all levels of skill and experience. There is a wide mix of fascinating individuals from all continents lined up to share their knowledge and experience and offer inspiration to listeners.

The podcast is hosted by Portugal based, South African, Nick Robinson, owner of the Algarve SUP stand up paddle school and co-hosted and produced by Simon Hutchinson, owner of Hutch SUP Wear in the UK.

“Our mission is to spread the love of stand up paddling by inspiring others to take up the sport and paddle more.” said Simon “There is an exciting atmosphere around this new sport and we want to share this spirit and excitement through our weekly podcast”

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The launch weekend will offer listeners three brand new episodes, released on Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd May. Regular weekly episodes will be published on Thursdays.

For further information contact Simon or Nick at

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