SUP: Fused with water – JP Fusion 9.2ft x 30.5” x 139L Pro 2017 review

jp Australia logoWe tested JP’s Fusion 8.5ft back in 2015 and were suitably impressed with it as a crossover de-tuned performance wave rider. (You can see that write up here). For 2017 the brand have a new shape in the form of the 9ft x 30.5”.

Firstly we have to say the Fusion 9.2ft looks stunning. Bright livery, mixed with brushed carbon finishing, make for an eye-catching sled that screams high end. The Fusion’s recessed carry handle is balanced, although it would have been nicer to be able to fit knuckles right inside – only a minor point though. Thruster fins are good – the middle skeg is actually a tad better quality than the two supplied side bites. These can always be upgraded. And the pad is grippy yet comfortable.

JP Fusion 9.2ft 2017 hull

As we said, the Fusion range is a slightly de-tuned line up of shapes that straddle various SUP scenarios. The 9.2ft fits firmly in the wave camp, however, which is something you can feel as soon as you step aboard. Lively underfoot, JP’s Fusion begs riders to hunt down swells and let rip. It carves beautifully and is much more manoeuvrable than its dimensions would have you believe. The Fusion’s thin tail allows for critical turns that have only been possible in past years with ‘pro’ style SUPs.

JP fusion 9.2ft 2017 fin configuration

Getting over white water is easy enough – the Fusion’s impressive glide helping immensely. That glide comes into play again when picking up waves. Dropping in early it’s a smooth entry, generating good speed even on smaller walls. It’s also easy to keep this speed going with minimal effort, which is essential for all types of manoeuvre.

For a 9.2ft board, it bottom turns beautifully. While a degree of dainty footwork will be needed by riders for powerful turns, it’s certainly not a SUP that requires huge amounts of technique to get the best from. For the majority of SUPers looking to switch up their all round SUP for something way more performance orientated the 9.2ft will do just fine with plenty of room for growth. It’d also work as a one board quiver for larger riders.


JP’s Fusion range continues to deliver what most paddlers require – attainable performance with great user friendliness. Riders will find this board totally fulfilling in a wave environment with only highly skilled riders needing something a tad extra. That said all riders will end up with a mile wide smile on faces after a session with this baby. Sexy looks, the ability to turn intermediate surfers into rock stars while offering a decent level of wave riding for more advance paddlers (plus windSUP opportunities), JP’s 2017 Fusion 9.2ft is a worthy inclusion to anyone’s quiver.


Fusion PRO 9.2ft – £1729

Fusion WOOD 9.2ft – £1229

Fusion AST 9.2ft – £999


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