SUP: FUSION® launches world’s first purpose-built portable watersports stereo

Entertainment Leader Releases Revolutionary Go-Anywhere Sound – STEREOACTIVE

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FUSION®, a worldwide leader in lifestyle entertainment, announced today the introduction of the world’s first purpose-built portable watersports stereo – FUSION STEREOACTIVE. With built-in Bluetooth audio streaming, AM/FM radio and USB audio playback, STEREOACTIVE is packed with features. Engineered in New Zealand, the new compact system is designed for the challenges of life on the water and tuned to deliver crystal clear audio that enhances any activity. Featuring the unique Puck-It mount system, users can easily and securely attach the stereo to any SUP, kayak, canoe, boat or even hot tub. To keep valuables safe from the elements, FUSION has also incorporated the ACTIVESAFE which, when combined with STEREOACTIVE, will securely house any smartphone, vehicle keys, bank cards or loose change.

“We approach every new design from the perspective of the customer,” said Graham Brain, Lead Industrial Designer, FUSION Entertainment. “Even after more than 20 years of experience in marine design, STEREOACTIVE was my passion project from day one. With modern design software and manufacturing processes, we are now able to produce a powerful, high-quality stereo system that goes where no one else’s would dare to go. Where others sink, we choose to float.”

STEREOACTIVE is controlled with easy to press, scalloped buttons which are adjustable with the touch of a finger or the tap of a paddle. The high-grade rubber over-moulded keypad
is engineered to take a paddling. The Puck-It locking mechanism securely fixes STEREOACTIVE in place, even in the event of capsizing. In the unlikely event that it does become detached from the Puck-It mount, both STEREOACTIVE and ACTIVESAFE float, keeping the stereo and valuables safe from the depths below.


“We are well established in the marine market for making the highest quality speakers and head units on the water,” said Chris Baird, Managing Director, FUSION Entertainment. “We have now taken marine audio innovation to a place it has never gone before. With STEREOACTIVE paddlers, kayakers and beachgoers can personalise their time with that quality FUSION sound.”

STEREOACTIVE is capable of streaming audio via Bluetooth from any popular music service such as Pandora or Spotify, from a compatible A2DP Bluetooth enabled device or playing music with the built-in AM/FM tuner and sophisticated internal antenna. The unit also contains a waterproof cavity designed to provide secure housing for a low profile USB for MP3 playback, while keeping the flash drive waterproof and IPx7 safe. Audio playback over USB is available for Apple lightning products and AOA 2.0 Android phones so users can simply plug and play.


Engineered to distribute quality audio for a more personalised listing experience, the directional speakers matched with the off axis correction of the polycarbonate grille works perfectly by directing the audio efficiently and powerfully through the 20 Watt speaker system. A flat mounting surface has been positioned perfectly to allow for the mounting of a Garmin Virb or other third party action camera. With a long-life battery, STEREOACTIVE will keep music playing for up to 20 hours and the type-A USB port also provides charging for Apple iPhone lightening connector products and Android AOA devices.

Users also have complete control of volume, track and source adjustment directly from a compatible Garmin smartwatch – another innovation that shows FUSION’s commitment to enhancing its customers’ on water entertainment experience.

Fusion watersport stereo

FUSION, the leader in lifestyle entertainment, is dedicated to offering innovative solutions that enhance personal leisure time, whether on the water or on the road. FUSION, backed by GARMIN, builds products that exceed regulatory standards using the latest technologies at GARMINS’s international ISO accredited manufacturing facility.

For more information on STEREOACTIVE, ACTIVESAFE, the Puck-It mounting system, FUSION or its entire line of audio products visit


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