SUP: Good vibez – Werner Vibe adjustable paddle review

Werner paddles logoWerner’s Vibe adjustable paddle is the brand’s go to ‘stick’ for families wanting an affordable sweeper incorporating top notch features from premium Werner paddles. We mentioned in Werner’s Rip Stick 89 report how our personal tastes err towards reduced rake blades. The Vibe’s angle is shallow and certainly fits with this thinking. Combined with a nifty integral handle lever lock system, and polished look, you’re getting maximum bang for buck with the Vibe.

As paddlers progress further into SUP the word you hear time and again is carbon. If you want ultimate performance then shouts of carbon will resonate from all corners. And while we agree carbon does indeed deliver fibreglass construction can also be worthy of consideration.

The Vibe’s shaft is, as you’ve guessed it, made from fibreglass. Feeling light in the hands, relative to the type of sweeper the Vibe is, its slender stem feels comfortable to grip and efficient to wield. There’s a pronounced dihedral running through the blade which helps alleviate paddle flutter while deflecting water and maximising forward thrust – not bad for a budget product.

Werner Vibe #2

Fibreglass made paddles give a different feel to carbon siblings – some prefer it. One particular trait is flex properties are much easier going on limbs and muscles. The Vibe is no slouch in the propulsion department – as we‘ve mentioned – the difference being you won’t feel all achy breaky post session.

We like the internal lever lock adjustment system and unlike some solutions you won’t catch hands and fingers if sliding hands during stroke changes. Incremental measurements make it super easy to achieve the best possible length for rider height/requirements.

Werner Vibe shaft

Werner see the Vibe as a good option for families and we can see why. There’s enough performance for mum and dad, who perhaps want to smash out some mileage, while younger SUPers will find the Vibe easy to use when indulging in all round SUP fun.


Werner really have packed in the features with the Vibe. For such an affordable paddle you get a lot of high spec translating directly to performance. If you want the ultimate then, yes, you’ll be looking at other models in the Werner range. For all round stand up paddling, with a product that won’t break the bank offering good levels of sweeping ability, the Vibe could be worth a look. It also makes a great secondary paddle.


Werner SUP Vibe 2pc Family ADJ 68″-84″ Yellow RRP £129.99

Werner SUP Vibe 3pc Family TRAVEL 68″-84″ Yellow RRP £149.99


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