SUP: Mellow yellow – Fatstick 10.6ft x 32” inflatable SUP review

fatstick logoMost of you know the deal with Fatstick by now – the affordable stand up paddle boarding brand based in Bournemouth on the south coast. Not catering for the bling bling end of the SUP market, Fatstick offers decent quality products without breaking the bank. OK, they can cater for performance minded paddlers as well (see FS’s Fish, SUPSkate and race range), but their 10.6ft blow up is designed primarily to get all round paddlers on the brine in as quick and efficient a manner as possible.

A double layered inflatable, the 10.6ft is robust and will shrug off knocks and scrapes without hassle. It’s not the lightest of iSUPs and therefore isn’t suitable for long excursions to your chosen put in. Its supplied bag is OK and does the job asked well enough, while the fin and paddle allows SUPers to get straight on the water. We’d like to see a better skeg, however, as this will increase appeal no end.

Fatstick iSUP hull profile

At 32” wide, the Fatstick is super stable and therefore applicable to nervous paddlers just taking their first strokes in the sport. You can inflate it to at least 20PSI, increasing rigidity which also in turn adds stability and user friendliness. Gliding across the water, it’s a good SUP for chilled out sessions in the sun – families would get a great deal of use from the 10.6ft.

Fatstick iSUP fin configuration

And while waves aren’t its forte, our test team did chuck it at some small to moderate swell and found it performed admirably. If you’re thinking of stepping up in the surf arena then you can do so with Fatstick’s iSUP 10.6ft no problem.

Fatstick iSUP bag

Back on flat water and it’s easy to pilot around most stretches of H2O – we can even see it being used for mellow white water river sweeping. The more time we spent on the 10.6ft, the more it became like a pair of comfortable slippers – familiar and recognisable in performance with no sudden surprises. It’s certainly a well-mannered board.


Fatstick have a clear understanding of what their customers are looking for. The 10.6ft inflatable, while by no means a super high performance sled, is perfectly applicable for the type of paddling most people do most of the time. If you’re a family looking for a beach toy to entertain the kids while offering mum and dad a fitness platform, then look no further. And while other boards in the Fatstick range are more applicable for serious touring or surfing, the 10.6ft is still fun to get involved with these areas.

Price: £449




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  1. I’ve just got this and I love it. It’s got a very solid feel about it, and on the water , even though I’m 90Kg+ it doesn’t bend or flex. Maybe that’s because you can pump to 20psi. You wouldn’t want to lug it long distances, it seems a bit heavier than other iSups I’ve carried, but once on the water you really appreciated the extra firmness and buoyancy. Looking forward to trying some light surf on it.

    Pros: great price (£200 cheaper then anything else of comparable size and quality), doesn’t flex or sag in the water. Tracks well, feels comfortable to paddle.

    Cons: Minor points; the small side fins seem to get bet over in transit, still haven’t got them quite straight yet, hopefully they’ll straighten fully in time. No D-rings for a kayak seat.

  2. I bought two inflatable Isups for the kids (& me) from Fatsticks got to use them off the beach over Easter. The advice that the Fatstick Team gave on buying was first rate and not at all pushy. We went for the Pink Panther and Snot Rocket above a cheaper model because of the double skins.
    What can I say about the equipment ;
    Quick and easy to inflate with a very effective pump
    Light and easy to carry, both in the bag (which has wheels fitted) and light when inflated
    Stable and very useable for learners
    Equally easy to deflate
    Actually fits back into the bag with pump, paddle and loads of extra room inside

    This package is a much better deal than any potential buyers might first realise and I would happily recommend the Fatstick brand.

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