SUP: Pretty in pink – Fatstick Pink Panther 10ft x 30” x 180L review

fatstick logoFirstly we’ll address the elephant in the room, the Pink Panther’s colour! Yes, it’s pink, and has flowers on it. As such, Fatstick themselves promote the Pink Panther as a female specific SUP, but it doesn’t have to be. For those Alphas out there who love a bit of colour then it’s perfectly fine for a sweep on the PP.

In terms of manufacturing, construction is good. Wood pokes through the bold paint job while the deck pad is grippy and comfy. The embedded carry handle is ergonomic and makes transporting the board a doddle, while fin boxes (US and FCS side bites) have been improved no end. Fatstick is still a cost effective brand but their gear is certainly not cheaply built.

Fatstick Pink Panther 10ft hull

On the water FS’s Pink Panther feels composed but not dead in the water. 30” isn’t super wide in terms of SUPs and the tail tapers efficiently, giving it a boisterous personality. While it’s perfectly applicable to flat water paddling, even for bigger boned individuals, the Pink Panther is always sniffing out swell.

Glide is pretty good, although all round nose SUPs require a few more paddle strokes to increase this. Tracking meanwhile is top notch – pick a point, aim and shoot. The PP doesn’t deviate and will therefore deliver paddlers to the take off efficiently.

Once there, picking up small to medium waves is a doddle. The Pink Panther likes an early set up but quickly slips into a velvet smooth bottom turn, progressively making its way back up to the lip. At 10kg it’s not a super feather weight board (it’s not overly heavy either). Momentum stays and riders will be back up to lips quicker than blinking. Then it’s over to your creativity and how SUPers wish to proceed. We managed a few more vertical turns, although strong legs will be needed for this. Cutbacks are rewarding and only slight adjustments are required to get back on track, down the line or onto the next section. All in it’s a great tutor for aspiring surfers or paddlers wanting a quiver board for slack days, small clean summery conditions or longboard style riding.

Fatstick fin test


Fatstick’s Pink Panther 10ft may not have livery to everyone’s taste but its wave riding capabilities, for a wide spectrum of paddler in various conditions, are right up there. For those not into paddle surfing it’s also a sled that works fine on flat water, delivering a stable platform for all manner of SUP fun. For us though we’d be looking to take the Pink Panther out in anything from slight breezy to clean knee to shoulder high surf where possible. In this environment plenty of fun will be had.

Price: £649




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