SUP: Robust elegance – Elliot Brown Canford watch review

elliot-and-brown-watches-logoBeing original founders of Animal watches you’d assume the owners of relatively new timepiece brand Elliot Brown would have an appreciation of what makes a good wrist worn clock – especially for those of us in to water or outdoor sports. And ensure this fact they do. With designs manufactured in an aesthetically pleasing style Elliot Brown watches are injecting chic back into the action sports market.

We got our grubbies on the brand’s Canford time-teller (there are currently only two models available, albeit in various colourways) which was supplied with two strap types. Brown leather for post brine time and a hard wearing orange, funkier looking rubber strap that Elliot Brown have recently introduced to their range. Having the option to switch up the feel of your watch, simply by changing straps, is a big plus in our book. This Canford is therefore applicable to formal events, such as evenings out, as well as swanning about at the beach. It’s the robust nature of both strap and watch, however, that’s the biggest plus.

Elliot Brown Canford watch being worn

We chucked the Canford at all manner of watery scenarios – surf, flat water, cool temperatures and extreme heat (during a recent Greek excursion) and found it’s a timepiece that really stands up to all manner of abuse and remains faithful. Our secondary ‘toddler test’ also further proved just how robust the Elliot Brown is – there’s no greater test for a product than having your two year old ‘play’ with it! In this instance Elliot Brown’s Canford passed with flying colours.

Elliot Brown Canford watch rubber strap


A passionate design ethic at its core, combined with unrivalled expertise in the watch making field, Elliot Brown are bringing chic looking timepieces back to the world of action sports. SUP being the demanding environment it is an Elliot Brown watch won’t let you down. Surf, race, flat water, downwind and every other stand up paddle discipline will see the Canford slotting in nicely. With its simple but efficient functionality, understated elegance and option of swapping straps it straddles formal and casual scenarios easily.

Price: £325 then £50 for the rubber strap which comes in a variety of colours.


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