SUP: Scott Warren – movin’ on up (to Bray Lake Watersports)

After four years of hard work growing Starboard SUP sales in the UK & Ireland for Tushingham Sails Ltd, Scott Warren has spread his wings and moved on to head up the SUP retail side of Bray Lake Watersports where his passion for SUP will make him a huge asset to the centre.

In his time with Starboard UK, Scott has picked up expert knowledge with dedication to all areas of stand up paddling: flat water, downwind, surf, long distance; basically all things SUP (and even land paddling!) Customers and members of Bray Lake are fortunate to be able to draw on the skills of one of the most effervescent and enthusiastic paddlers in the UK.


All the team at Tushingham wish Scott great success at Bray, where he’s already stamped his name on their Frostbite race series with victory in the first race, on a Starboard of course!

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