SUP: Stand up paddle coach Tony Bain partners with SUPM for 2017

2017 is looking set to be another cracker for UK SUP and SUP Mag UK. With this in mind we’re pleased to welcome along Kiwi transplant and experienced SUP coach Tony Bain. Tony is proprietor and SUP coach at North Wales based Green Dragon Activities and also holds the World Bathtub Paddling Record (which we think is awesome by the way!). He has a wealth of experience delivering stand up paddle boarding courses to all manner of new SUP recruits and we’re stoked he’s going to be sharing this knowledge with SUP Mag UK readers.


For the New Year ahead Tony will be using his vast coaching skills to deliver a series of fundamentals based articles designed to aid your progression and arm you with a deeper understanding of SUP. We’re sure you’ll give Tony a warm welcome – we can’t wait to see the first of his features. In the meantime stay tuned for more SUP Mag UK announcements as we firm things up for 2017’s UK season of SUP.


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