SUP: SUP Fitness Instructor Training for SUP Instructors

SUPfit have been busy working hard over the last year and are now very excited
to announce their new SUP Fitness Instructor Training specially designed for SUP

Working alongside Active IQ they now offer a nationally recognised SUP fitness
qualification, giving SUP Instructors the opportunity to spend three action
packed days on the water learning how to teach SUP Fitness and enabling them to
deliver three of SUPfit’s signature classes including SUP & Run, SUP Circuits,
SUP Stretch & Strengthen. Upon successfully completion SUP Instructors will hold
a nationally-recognised fitness qualification and be part of an exciting SUPfit
network that is growing rapidly across the UK.

The last few years has seen Stand Up Paddle boarding in the UK grow rapidly. SUP
Fitness has also seeing a massive rise this summer with national magazines and
newspapers taking note and helping to push this exciting aspect of the sport.

SUPFit SUP fitness #2
As well as SUP being on the rise so is the fitness industry, the 2015 State of
the UK Fitness Industry Report revealed the UK health and fitness industry has
more clubs, more members and a greater market value than ever before.

With the fitness industry rise being linked to innovation and fresh thinking and
consumers appreciating new experiences, maybe this can explain the growing
popularity of SUP Fitness and SUP Yoga. Lucy McCormick founder of SUPfit tells
us “Health conscious consumers are said to be looking for the most effective and
fun ways to workout and performed the right way, Stand Up Paddle Boarding can
offer a low impact workout and challenging exercise options wherever there is

Physical activity offers massive opportunities for individuals and society at
large: improved health, but also huge potential social and economic benefits.
Public Health England wants to drive a step change in the public’s health, as
one in two women and a third of all men in England are damaging their health
through a lack of physical activity. Tackling physical inactivity is a key part
of making this change to reduce the burden of preventable death, disease and
disability, and support people and their communities to achieve their potential.
Having ran successful SUP Fitness classes herself in Brighton and Cornwall, Lucy
tells us “By offering different options for people to get active, watersports
centres can appeal to different markets and encourage people to partake in an
active outdoor lifestyle, promoting physical activity”

About SUP Fitness
Combining elements of SUP, fitness and yoga, SUPfit introduces you to working
out on water, surrounded by nature, with the elements to challenge you, making
each workout interesting and never the same. Reaping huge benefits to both mind
and body and enjoying the lifestyle that Stand Up Paddle boarding brings.
With the correct technique mastered you can move onto combining exercises on the
board with intervals of paddling, or perhaps tethering your board so it remains
static and practicing body weight moves or yoga postures to increase the
challenge of your normal routine – the options are endless and all importantly
fun and effective.
A new and exciting way to workout on water, dynamic and effective classes on
Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP). Different exercises are performed on the board
whilst floating on water, your balance will be challenged and fun guaranteed!
The intensity of each exercise is increased, ensuring an effective workout with
many health and fitness benefits.

About Active IQ:
Active IQ is one of the UK’s leading awarding organisations for the active
leisure, learning and wellbeing sector. Active IQ is recognised and regulated by
Ofqual, Qualifications Wales and CCEA and design qualifications that support
clearly defined career pathways for the active leisure sector.

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  1. Becoming a SUP fitness instructor is a great way to support your passion for fitness & paddleboarding ! But you don’t have to be a certified instructor to make extra money to do what you love. Helping other fitness & SUP brands spread the word about their products/services ( through online marketing ) is another way to supplement your income…

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