SUP: Well up for it! – Nah Skwell Well 10.8ft x 32” x 220L review

Nah Skwell SUPNah Skwell’s Well 10.8ft is the brand’s go to sled for all the family. Adept in small waves, if that’s a requirement, while being perfectly applicable to flat water sweeping it’s a SUP Nah Skwell say will stand the test of time.

As with all Nah Skwell kit the Well 10.8ft is well (geddit?) manufactured with attention to detail given to key areas. The super comfy, and ergonomic, carry handle is such that the board’s a pleasure to cart to and fro. That said at 12.5kg its One Shot Sandwich construction, while not heavy (and certainly robust), will necessitate mum and dad carrying it to the water’s edge for little ones.

Nah Skwell deck

The deck pad is very comfortable and absorbs much of the chop as you paddle along. The Well tracks efficiently, due to its subtly elongated nose, and glide is fine for an all round board. Standing further back than you’d imagine yields best results if flotsam should become abundant. With its flat rocker lifting the Well’s nose avoids pearling. Rail to rail stability is confidence inspiring – especially for those moving up the ranks from beginner to winner.

It was unusual to find a SUP supplied with a power box system – most all rounders tend to have US box attachments. While there’s nothing wrong with this it may limit the amount of tuning pure paddlers can achieve if wanting to swap out skegs. Windsurfers who SUP may have the necessary foils in their toy box, however, which is the reason the brand introduced the power box fin system. The Well’s windSUP performance is cracking though.

Nah Skwell Well fin

We mentioned the Well’s flat rocker which allows small wavelets to be picked up with ease. It’s a fun board to surf in mellow conditions and a great tutor for paddlers looking to get into this side of the sport. There’s also the opportunity for a bit of toes over action, for those will skills, once the upfront bungee cord has been removed.


Nah Skwell’s Well 10.8ft is a super composed board that’s a perfect platform for any kind of SUPer to have fun on. Designed to put a smile on faces and offer easy access paddling for all it certainly ticks these boxes. You can picture the Well being put to good use by families at the beach during hot sunny days. While it offers a degree of high performance the Well is more about overall enjoyment and being on the water whatever your skill level. Heavier riders may find it a good one SUP does all. Check out the Well 9.7ft for increased surf performance.

Price: £999

Info: or and or call Jon on 02380 840777.

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