SUP & Windsurf: Rope ‘em in – Ropelet unisex jewellery review

ropelet-logoBefore you start thinking we’ve turned into a fashion website (we haven’t BTW!) we do see many paddlers and windsurfers wearing beads, bands, bracelets and assorted bangles around their wrists, ankles and necks. While not for everyone when we spotted UK brand Ropelet we decided to send Rich Heathcote (SUPM test team member) on a mission to explore and find out more.

‘For years windsurfers, surfers, paddle boarders, kayakers and climbers have been using rope for various reasons; downhaul, outhaul, life-saving support on rock walls and random pieces for every conceivable job. We’ve also often bought or made friendship bracelets using fine embroidery silks and even bits of windsurfing rope tied around our wrists.

Ropelet #2

Enter – I first saw this company at the Hamble River Games a few months ago with a small stall of beautifully coloured pieces of windsurfing rope manufactured into eye catching bangles. Chatting to the owner was interesting as we discussed the large selection of different styles and colours on display. I then ventured to ask the price, expecting a relatively significant amount of wonga would be needed – especially considering the high quality finish of the bracelets. I was therefore pleasantly surprised as many of Ropelet’s wares on display were under five pounds.

Ropelet is a small local company run from Warsash on the south coast of the UK. Started only a few years ago, they now offer over 5,000 different combinations of custom made rope bracelets, and ship all over the world. These bracelets are made from a wide variety of different colours of rope in many different thicknesses and they often go the extra mile to source exactly the colour you require. They also have several different distinctive clasps from a simple magnetic silver coloured clip to more advanced and secure clasps, all sporting the Ropelet logo. For a bit of extra vibrancy you can also add various beads and they even have ones made from leather.

Ropelet #3

Chatting to the owner David Bray revealed a real sense of an ethical company that wanted to create a value for money product with a good ethos. I was particularly impressed with the corporate and team Ropelet and it seemed a great idea to create Ropelet for an event, whether it be a wedding or large charity race. Check them out on Facebook or online and you won’t be disappointed.’


While not for everyone Ropelet’s ethical jewellery catalogue is an extensive one – offering styles, colours and fittings to suit all tastes. If you’re after a slightly alternative type of bangle or bracelet then search no further. Affordable, durable and aesthetically attractive Ropelet jewellery would be a good option for both him and her.

Price: £4 (starting from)


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