Taoism – SIC Maui Air Glide Tao 10’6 x 33” x 305L 2021

The second SIC Maui stand up paddle board I’ve tested is the 10’6 Tao. Designed by SIC’s long time (founding) shaper Mark Raaphorst, it’s a smart looking iSUP that stands above a good many inflatables because of the obvious quality.

Review & pics: Tez Plavenieks

Aesthetics are tip-top, as are fixtures and fittings. The double-lined construction makes for a robust and hardwearing iSUP, which given the target market of 10’6 air boards is a good thing. Equipped with a single, centrally located fin it’s an entry/all round fun platform that’ll deliver a whole heap of good times to those piloting it.

Once afloat the rigidity if the SIC Maui Tao is commendable. With correct air pressure it doesn’t bow or bend like some. Its deflection point sits right where most paddlers will stand yet the effects are minimal. Instead it stays rock steady and feels reactive and nimble.

Straight line tracking is pretty decent whilst rail to rail stability is predictable. There’s no untoward behaviour with the Tao, instead you’ll enjoy a confidence build ride that’ll allow skill progression. Should you fancy pushing the envelope a little then push away. SIC’s Tao 10’6 does just fine in wavier environments and/or bumpier/lumpier waters.

SIC Maui’s Tao 10’6 is a classic all round inflatable stand up paddle board that’s a great example of what this category of board should be. You may pay a little more for it but the Tao’s quality and performance is tangible. Trust me when I say this is a board that’ll improve your overall SUP experience. And that’s not elitist opinion, rather fact having test over 2000 products to date. 

Big thanks to Piotr Kadziela from SIC Maui London for arranging the test board. Check out their website for more info regarding the Tao and other SIC Maui SUP gear.

Price: £695

Info: https://sicmaui.uk hello@SICmaui.uk

Buy from: https://sicmaui.uk/product-tag/inflatable-sups/

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