Windsurf: Windsurfing Team Rooster 2017 – how to apply…

Rooster Sailing are looking to expand our athlete search for their sponsorship programme and are keen to hear from windsurfers.

This year Rooster will be asking for multimedia applications. They want applicants to demonstrate how well they can utilise the many online tools available to them in order to be considered for a spot on the team…

How to apply:

  • Firstly, read Rooster’s blog to help you understand how to approach a company for sponsorship.
  • Make a short video to introduce yourself and tell Rooster a bit about yourself – they’re not looking for a polished performance! HAVE FUN with it, show them your personality 😀 Do it with your phone and send it to Rooster. Or you can upload it to Instagram, Youtube or Facebook, send Rooster the link and tag them in it!
  • Write an example blog post that Rooster could use on
  • Send Rooster your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram usernames so they can connect with you.
  • Goals for 2017 – sailing AND non-sailing related.
  • We are VERY keen to hear about ALL the sports you participate in, whether it’s for fun or competitively.

Rooster are raising the bar for the application process and they are also increasing the level of sponsorship on offer. Successful applicants will receive full support to achieve their goals throughout the year!*

Please complete this form and email it with your application video/links to

Applications close at 1000hrs on Monday, 9th January 2017.
*Individual terms and conditions apply.

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