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Complete the survey for your chance to win lots of SUP prizes 
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So SUP is the fastest growing sport in the UK right? The media keeps telling us this so it must be true!

In reality there’s an awful lot of chatter and comment about paddleboarding and very little data. So we’ve decided to do some data gathering, and then make that data available to any organisation that wants it. Any data gathered will be made publicly available, with the exception of personal data of course, so that the entire SUP world can use it as they see fit (1).

The survey will only take most people around 10 minutes to complete. Only as long as it takes to make a decent cup of tea or coffee. Or inflate an iSUP.

But we know that your time is precious. Some of you might choose to complete this survey knowing how important it is, and doing it for all the right reasons. But this is the real world right?  Most of you will think about doing it, and then forget, or go for a paddle instead.

So knowing that most of you would rather be out on the water, we’re going to make it worth your while with some fantastic prizes.

Luckily, at SUPhubUK we have lots of friends who do really cool stuff, and they’re all really keen to support us as sponsors, which is really flattering. We love all of our friends.

We have over £1000 worth of prizes in the prize fund already, and we will be announcing more prizes as the number of survey completions increases.

The survey will be open for eight weeks, and we will be giving weekly spot prizes during the survey.  The first spot prize will be within the next four days. So get clicking!

Everyone who enters will also go into a prize draw for the end of survey spectacular. And the prize fund is already over £1,000, and includes:


  • 1 x all round iSUP package from UK SUP company McConks
  • 3 x free subscriptions with THE BEST SUP magazine for UK Riders, SUP Mag UK
  • Ready to ride/absolute beginner SUP lessons in numerous locations around the UK
  • Guided paddleboard tours around the UK from awesome providers like Active 360 and SUP in a BAG
  • Weekend family paddleboard hire from SUPbyPost


There is a lot of chatter about SUP, but very little data. Data, rather than chatter, underpins good decisions by companies, associations and organisations. SUPhubUK has access to a good survey tool, some excellent consultation experts, some great data analytics geeks, and lots of influential friends. So it only seemed right that we should do this.


  • Why people SUP?
  • Where people SUP?
  • What type of kit they’ve got?
  • Whether they think their kit is good value?
  • Demographics of people who SUP (ages, gender balance, race etc).

To everyone involved. It’s taken a lot of time and effort to pull this together, and design the questions – thanks to everyone who helped.

Thanks also to all of our friends who’ve donated prizes. We can’t give away too much right now because we don’t want to reveal all the spot prizes, but massive thanks to all of you. You’ll all get your day in the spot light over the next eight weeks!

And finally, thanks to all of you who take part, and for being part of this awesome #suplife.

High level survey data, meta data and analytics will be made publicly available. Raw data will be shared with SUPhubUK sponsors and partners. The exception being personal identifiers, eg emails, names etc.  This data will only be held by SUPhubUK, and will not be shared with any other party.  So you can rest assured you will not be spammed!

Complete the survey for your chance to win lots of SUP prizes

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