The original – bodysurfing purity

Before fibreglass, foam and epoxy there was…well, nothing. Simply you, maybe a pair of fins and a wave. Bodysurfing was, and still is, the purest form of wave riding that delivers a completely unique experience. At the risk of sounding hippie trippy, it’s an art and something all ocean aficionados should try – at least once. Who knows, you may end up a convert.

As a waterman or woman riding waves bodysurf style is a sure fire way of getting back to basics and experiencing the ocean for what it offers in its most simplistic form – Mother Nature, raw energy and fun! If you want more evidence of this of then check out the trailer for Keith Malloy’s Come Hell or High Water below.

And if you want more insight of how bodysurfing can transform your life check out this cool Drift article

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