They ain’t heavy – Jimmy Lewis Flyweight kids SUP

Jimmy Lewis UK’s Ian Philips waxes lyrical about the need for kiddy specific stand up paddle board equipment.

Do kids need a SUP of their own or will mum and dads kit do? In many cases we’re too quick to pass our own stand up gear to our little ones when actually they really need their own equipment.

OK, so your offspring can happily bob about and jump around on your gear but when they want to start to gain control and learn a few skills things get a bit more tricky for them. Children simply haven’t got the strength to turn a bigger board and the volume that us adults need to float can prove cumbersome for nippers.

Jimmy Lewis Flyweight

Durability is an important factor; kids will be bashing about on their board and not really caring about dinging their SUP. Having something well made, with preferably a soft deck pad, will help keep both board and little person in good condition.

Jimmy Lewis Flyweight 2

The Jimmy Lewis Flyweight was designed with kiddies in mind and has got enough built in performance to keep your little rippers flying and help them progress. At 8ft it is capable in waves and can also be used as an all rounder when flat water sessions are calling. Cruising with mum and dad has never been so fun. That soft full length deck pad comes in really handy if they take a dive and avoids knee grazes. Learning is therefore made that little bit easier with grip all over.

Check out more about Jimmy Lewis’ Flyweight at Surf’s SUP UK/Jimmy Lewis UK and Ireland  – SUP performance and fun for kids everywhere!

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