The new April edition of SUP Mag UK is now available and for FREE

The new April edition of SUP Mag UK is now available and for FREE.

Why free? Please read on…


Producing a stand up paddle board magazine relies on many pieces of the puzzle coming together effectively. Digital issues are one thing – easily read on mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktops. Printed magazines are entirely different being a physical product.

With the global health issue of Covid-19 as it is, where workers are being asked to stay at home, self-isolate and social distance, the situation has arisen and dictates that for the April 2020 issue of SUP Mag UK, we will be publishing only in digital format and making it widely available to all our subscribers/readers at zero cost.

Although finished and ready to go, the logistics of mailing it out are now on hold with our mailing house (and others like it) in shut down mode for the foreseeable future.

However, do not fear, for subscribers, we will make sure that an additional print issue is available on the end of your subscription for anyone affected by this situation. We hope you will understand and enjoy the very full digital issue we have prepared for you and also participate in the free draw to win a McConks SUP (see page 7 of digital issue to enter).

This all said we firmly believe thoughts of SUP, as with all watersports, offers respite to the on-going media stream of doom, gloom and sadness. That’s not to say we’re recommending you bury your head and ignore the facts – far from it. Quite the opposite, until the tide has turned and the restrictions lifted we hope all in the SUP community support each other in staying dry and staying home.

However keeping your mental health intact is vital to dealing with your own unique situation born out of peripheral events related to COVID-19. One potential ‘head space’ method could be settling down with your favourite stand up paddle board magazine, a cuppa, a biscuit and having a good old read.

As you’re unable to SUP, perhaps use this down period as a way to gen up, rekindle the fire and amp yourself up for when the fog lifts and you’re able to get back on the water.

At this point we’d also like to acknowledge all the SUP industry including the brands and companies who are facing an extremely tough period. SUPM’s supporters as well should get special mention as we understand things aren’t easy. We are thankful to you all and hoping your own situations improve.

For those advertisers who are working alongside us through this incredibly challenging time, we feel that in making the full digital issue available free now, to the widest possible audience, you have the opportunity to reach the most people with your amazing products ready for the brighter days ahead.

Hopefully it won’t take too long for COVID-19 to calm down and things start to return to normal – fingers crossed. Stay safe, and enjoy the latest digital issue of SUP Mag UK.

So here is your link to the free April 2020 issue 24:

All the best, Anne, Pete and Tez – SUP Mag UK team.

Huge thanks to our advertisers

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