Time to tour – Poseidon Hawk 12.6ft Tourer

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Poseidon SUPs are another example of a UK home grown stand up company pushing through with kit aimed at giving affordable access to SUP. With products boasting quality finishes and individual styling they’re a company who will get you on the water without damaging wallets.

Although Poseidon’s 12.6ft pointy nose offering is billed as a tourer it actually feels a tad narrower (29”) than many other similar sleds on the market. This is no bad thing and actually offers a higher degree of performance than you sometimes find, giving paddlers performance to grow into. While not being particularly hard to drive in a straight line the Hawk 12.6ft Tourer likes rider’s feet to be in the sweet spot and not lazily straying towards rails.

Poseidon Hawk 12.6ft TourerSlightly less foam under foot allows for an efficient glide through the brine with the traditionally shaped nose cutting through chop with ease. The 12.6ft is pretty good if there’s a bit of puff blowing and gets you upwind, through chop, without hassle. This in turn means that riders can pivot and head back on the downwind leg back – the fun part!

Coping with moderate rollers and runners it’s a pretty good stick for anyone looking at getting into downwind paddling, while retaining the versatility of flat water and distance covering shenanigans. We also tried the Poseidon in small waves but this isn’t the board’s forte – it’s perfectly applicable to have a mess about but the 12.6ft prefers those distance or coastal gliding sessions.

During testing we had a few glassy calm (cold) days that really saw this stick shine. Effortless glide made for efficient coastal cruising. We could also see Poseidon’s Hawk 12.6ft Tourer being a fab inland flat water toy.

Rapid across flat water, but coping equally well with a few moderate bumps and runners, Poseidon’s Hawk 12.6ft touring SUP is a multi-faceted bit of kit that won’t break the bank. Good for those paddlers looking to explore or head off on extended jaunts it would suit those into eating up a few miles. Paddlers looking for a moderate breeze coastal runner will also discover a board that suits their needs with the Hawk 12.6ft Tourer.

Price: £795

Info: www.facebook.com/poseidonlogistics

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