Top drawer – SIC Maui RS (Rocket Ship) 14’ x 26” x 315L 2020 SUP test.

Every now and again we come across SUPs in our test section that are truly all encapsulating. Getting hold of something from renowned brand SIC has been a long time coming. With the launch of 2020’s RS (Rocket Ship) range this finally came to fruition and we have to say (again) that we’re in awe of this 14fter.

First off the lightweight Super Fly construction is bang on. It’s not often you can flat lift a 14’ stand up paddle board from its centrally located, embedded handle. Feeling more like a 12’6 in this instance the SIC is therefore considerably easier to cart about than some.

This version of SIC’s RS 14’ is the 26” wide version. For most people looking at race SUPs this is on the larger dim size of the spectrum – unless you’re a heavy weight, in which case it’ll be right on the money. For average size paddlers this size will be more like a touring board. And with that in mind it’s certainly on point. Whilst nervous paddlers requiring a bit more size can certainly use it for SUP racing there’s no reason it can’t be put to good use as an all-round craft, which we’ve done extensively. As well we’ve even had chance to chuck it down a few swell rollers in surf SUP mode. In all instances the 26” handles conditions superbly, displaying the kind of versatility every paddler requires from their machine – not just racers.

From a feature POV the deck has two accurately located grab handles for dragging in and out of the drink whilst on the boxy rails riders will discover two drainage holes on either side. If you need to stow essentials then so be it with the included bungee chord. A stomp pad on the tail, for hammerhead pivot turns, and a well-crafted carbon fin protruding from the underside rounds the bells and whistles out.

For 2020’s RS version the brand have lowered the nose and tail rocker slightly to increase the board’s waterline. This translates directly to tracking which is arrow-like. Glide is also good with the RS responding well from each paddle stroke. The board’s nose sheers water effectively making for an efficient ride in choppy water states also.


If you want a top shelf speedster that can also double as a touring SUP then look no further. SIC’s RS 14’ x 26” is a superb example of refinement, attention to detail and premium quality. Able to cover distance effectively, hold its own on the race course, and even surf riders opting for the RS won’t be disappointed. For sure, it ain’t cheap, but you’re definitely getting what you pay for.

Thanks to Freddie Oldfield at Maxtrack for helping with this test.




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